The Extras: Archipelag-a

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Hello, Brunonian family! I’m Jacklyne Vargas, nice to meet you all *insert imaginary handshakes here*! I’m here to be your compass (well, that sounds heavy, doesn’t it?) in everything extracurricular here at Brown. If you’re reading this, send help you are a magnetic force of your own and I’m simply helping you figure out what attracts you. In all The Extras, in all the magnetic forces here at Brown, you can easily be pulled in countless directions, but I’m here to help! If anything, we’ll go crazy together…

There is no doubt that one of the common traits about Brown students is their way with expression. When filling out our Common Apps, we had to be able to demonstrate who we uniquely were to people we had never even met before. We had to stand out, not only be another statistic in the pile of over 30,000 highly-qualified students.

Whether it’s through words, song, dance or instruments, Brown students know how to use various mediums of expression to reflect their thoughts, emotions, passions, etc.

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On the Brown Low: Holiday Vibes


Ever wonder what there is to do once you step off Brown’s campus? Curious about what Providence has to offer? On the Brown Low will be your faithful guide! Be sure to check in every week with us, Lily Hartmann and Brianna Lambert, to find out about the best spots around Providence and Rhode Island!

Happy Reading and Finals Period! I’m guessing this is probably the part of college you’re least looking forward to, but we all have to do it. Everyone is cramming into the libraries, typing away on their papers, and reviewing for their exams, as the semester will be over in just a couple weeks. What has helped Brianna and I get through all the work so far this semester is those moments when we can take a break with friends, and explore a little bit of Providence. This week we headed downtown to enjoy a little holiday spirit at AS220 at their holiday sale! Continue reading

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Office Hour: A Freshman’s Impression


Hi! I’m Alina Joharjian, a first-year at Brown from Cranston, Rhode Island. Although I am plenty acquainted with life in Providence since I am a local, I am super excited to delve into the world of academia at Brown and take you on that journey with me! In the Office Hour column, learn more about the brilliant professors of the Brown community.

This is my first semester overview of my experience with my professors’ office hours. I have spent four months at so far, and I have come to some conclusions about office hours. Here’s my impression on how to get the most out of them: Continue reading

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Music to My Ears: Ending on a high note (I’m punny, I know)


Hey y’all! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your sophomore correspondent forMusic to My Ears, my personal outlet that showcases the different facets that Brown’s music scene has to offer!

(Disclaimer: The last note I will play this semester performing on my violin is an E below middle C; not that high. Sorry if I got your hopes up).

But with all seriousness, where did the time go? Fall semester freshmen year took forever to finish, and this year it just disappeared into thin air. Spring semester goes by quicker than fall. I’ve been told semesters pass even quicker as you get older, and that’s a really scary prospect. I unfortunately must keep this post sweet and simple, as I have 6 and 1/2 papers to attend to between now and the end of my finals period… #Tminus13days #college #sleep?

I hope Thanksgiving was wonderful for all of you! The orchestra gave its last performance of the semester on November 23rd and ended before break this year, which is the earliest it’s ever ended. We’ve finished all of our recordings, and they are currently being edited into CDs (no more playing music composed by Anthony Burgess, thank god; he should have stuck to writing.)

The good thing about the end of the semester though is that most musicians/ensembles showcase the work that they’ve been doing throughout the fall, so there are a lot of cool performances going on. Continue reading

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He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown: Reading Period

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Hi there! I’m Seunglee Lee, a first year blogger for He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown. For nervous freshmen, including myself, nothing is more exiting yet intimidating than prospects of dorm life. As I navigate through all the fun, hectic and hilarious experiences dorm life at Brown has to offer, I hope to share them with you and hopefully convince you that Brown is the place to be.

With most classes having officially ended, today marks the beginning of Reading Period (aka intense cramming week). I myself have a 15-page paper, a take-home exam and two big finals. The 15-page paper worries me, mainly because I haven’t really begun, but I should be thankful that I only have to write one. Continue reading

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Wise Fools: Spreading Holiday Cheer

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Hello all! I’m Christy Le, an enthusiastic but slightly sarcastic goofball who will be your second-year blogger for Wise Fools. Follow me on my tumultuous journey as I awkwardly stumble through my Sophomore year and courageously battle the vicious beast best known as “the Sophomore Slump.”

Sophomore Slump Survival Update:

Hello loyal fan base! Welcome back!

Soooooo, finals week is coming up next week, and everyone around me has turned into a bundle of nerves.



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Pride and Prejudice: College, Relationships, and Ultimately, Yourself


Hello Blogosphere! My name is Isaiah Frisbie and I am honored to be the writer for Pride and Prejudice. As a freshman myself, I came to Brown with a number of questions, many of which were answered within a matter of weeks while others remain open-ended. Perhaps one of the more enduring questions, one that may continue to be answered throughout the entirety of my Brown career, is how my own sexuality will affect my college experience. So, I have taken it upon myself to use this blog to contribute any kind of insight that I can about LGBTQ life at Brown and hopefully, in some way, help any student, prospective or otherwise, put some of those nagging worries to rest.

Early this morning, and by morning I mean struggling to wake up before noon, my friend and I went to the last meeting of an advising program we had both applied to during the summer prior to our arrival. Reflecting on our experiences this semester, we noted some of the things that had taken us by surprise in the past few months. Continue reading

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