On the Brown Low: The Elephant in the Room

tea at the elephant roomEver wonder what there is to do once you step off Brown’s campus? Curious about what Providence has to offer? On the Brown Low will be your faithful guide! Be sure to check in every week with us, Lily Hartmann and Brianna Lambert, to find out about the best spots around Providence and Rhode Island!

This may come as a shock to all of you, but I have something very important to tell you: college can be stressful (ok, so most of you already probably knew that, but I wanted to be dramatic). The majority of the time, everything is great and dandy. Some weeks, however, Murphy’s law is put into full effect and everything that can go wrong will go wrong. This week was one of those weeks for me. At the end of it all, I definitely needed some time away from College Hill to regroup and recharge. I couldn’t think of any better way to do that then with some good tea and desserts at The Elephant Room. Continue reading

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The Extras: Navigating the RPL Application

A throwback to our first snow day of the school year!

A throwback to our first snow day of the school year!

Hello, Brunonian family! I’m Jacklyne Vargas, nice to meet you all *insert imaginary handshake here*! I’m here to be your compass (well, that sounds heavy, doesn’t it?) in everything extracurricular here at Brown. If you’re reading this, send help you are a magnetic force of your own and I’m simply helping you figure out what attracts you. In all The Extras, in all the magnetic forces here at Brown, you can easily be pulled in countless directions, but I’m here to help! If anything, we’ll go crazy together…

If there’s one extracurricular that virtually all students at Brown have some knowledge of, it is the Residential Peer Leader Program! At the very least, all first-years at Brown have amazing individuals, known as Residential Peer Leaders (aka RPLs) as a support system while living in first-year dorms. While you may have heard about the RPL position(s) from two of my fellow bloggers posts, Seunglee’s and Yuzuka’s, I’d like to break down the process before acquiring the position!

Here’s a quick summary of what an RPL is (as defined by the Office of Residential Life): RPLs are paraprofessional staff members for the Office of Residential Life. RPLs are live-in staff members and support their residents who are approximately 18-22 years of age. The primary responsibilities of an RPL include mentoring, building community, assisting students through personal crisis, and creating educational and social opportunities for other residents.

There are 3 main types of RPL positions: Residential Counselor (RC), Women Peer Counselor (WPC) and Minority Peer Counselor (MPC). You can read more about what each position entails here!

Every year, the application process lasts…

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Blogside Manner: A Sneak Peek Into Medical School

The Alpert Medical School entrance in all of its glassy glory.

The Alpert Medical School entrance in all of its glassy glory.

Hello! I’m Lulu, a member of the PLME class of 2018/2022, and I am the writer for Blogside Manner. In this column, I will talk about the ins and outs of PLME life at Brown and, of course, the dreaded application process. Whether or not you decide to ultimately apply for PLME, I hope to help provide you with a better sense of what Brown is all about!

Hiya! I hope you have been staying warm with all of the snow that’s been happening. Only a few short weeks until decisions come out, so I hope all of you have taken some time to relax a bit! Today I will be talking about another great opportunity that comes with being a PLME: pre-clinical electives. Continue reading

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He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown: Homesickness

1964818_10152284750611249_2331048537365204112_nArjun Narayen Photography, https://www.facebook.com/ArjunNarayenPhotography

Hi there! I’m Seunglee Lee, a first year blogger for He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown. For nervous freshmen, including myself, nothing is more exiting yet intimidating than prospects of dorm life. As I navigate through all the fun, hectic and hilarious experiences dorm life at Brown has to offer, I hope to share them with you and hopefully convince you that Brown is the place to be.

I have to admit; my parents (and I to some degree) are not very tech-savvy to say the least. After a week of trying during orientation week, we just resorted to talking on the phone and hearing each other’s voices. We may have just used the technology issue as an excuse, though. I sometimes think we were afraid that we would miss each other’s presence more if we saw our faces too frequently.

Today, I video chatted them for the first time. It was, in fact, the first time I saw my dad’s face since August, since I didn’t go home for winter break. It struck me how our house looked so familiar, as if I was there all along. I then realized how I’ve been missing home all along. I’ve lived away from my parents for a considerable period of time – around half the time I lived in the U.S. – and was certain I was past homesickness. Then things that I was secretly envious of began to come up on my mind, like my friends from the East Coast who could go home anytime they wanted to, parents visiting during Family Weekend, and people in Korea celebrating the Lunar New Year with their families.

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Music to My Ears: The Jazz Band


Hey y’all! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your sophomore correspondent forMusic to My Ears, my personal outlet that showcases what Brown’s music scene has to offer!

First concert program of the second semester for orchestra is done! Now onto the next. We’ll be playing some Sibelius and Ravel in the next one, which is a big change from most of the works we’ve been performing this year. I’ll have to admit the best part after a concert is having the next rehearsal off; I’ll have Tuesday night to myself for the first in a very long time, but it’s back to rehearsal on Thursday.

I admit, I am biased towards the music extracurriculars that I’m a participant in. But who wouldn’t be? This week, I take a small step out of my music circle to talk just a little about an ensemble that I haven’t really featured yet: the jazz band.

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Wise Fools: Dialogue at Brown

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Hello all! I’m Christy Le, an enthusiastic but slightly sarcastic goofball who will be your second-year blogger for Wise Fools. Follow me on my tumultuous journey as I awkwardly stumble through my Sophomore year and courageously battle the vicious beast best known as “the Sophomore Slump.”

I am incredibly #blessed to go to Brown (Don’t worry, I am well aware how cringe-worthy it is that I just used a hashtag outside of the Twitter realm). I’ve always recognized that attending Brown marks a certain level of privilege. However, this is usually a thought that resides in the back of my mind, drowned out by my complaints about how stressed I am about school. So what made me fully come to this realization this weekend? Continue reading

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The Bear Necessities: Finding Your Voice


Hi there Brunonians! My name is Michelle Zabat, a friendly first-year from marvelous Michigan. From fitness to food to fun ways to feel your best, The Bear Necessities is here to give you the inside scoop on staying healthy and happy here at Brown. 

The most important thing that I’ve discovered during my first year at Brown is also the thing that’s probably hardest to accept about college: life gets hard. I had a mentor hypothesize that even though these are supposed to be “the best four years of your life,” freshman year can be one of the hardest. Although I’ve had a wonderful freshman year experience, I can personally vouch that yes–things do get tough sometimes! Luckily, Brown offers lots of administrative resources to help you get whatever things are stressing you off your chest. But beyond that, there are steps you can take to let your voice be heard. Here’s how I did it.

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