Second Time Around: Fall vs. Spring

spring transfers

“She doesn’t even go here!” Join me as I transition to life at Brown, and learn more about our fantastic campus through the ramblings of a recent transfer student. I’m Veronica Fletcher, a junior concentrating in Psychology & Hispanic Studies, and this is my Second Time Around.

Fall or Spring? This week, I’ll try to provide some insight as to the pro’s and con’s of both transfer programs.

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Office Hour: Professors Are (Friendly) People Too


Welcome to Office Hour! I’m Aileen Seo, a first-year from San Diego, California and every week I’ll be sitting down with professors to talk about some of the cool things they are doing here at Brown! I’ll be writing about everything from their research to what they love most about teaching here, so stay tuned!

Talking to professors during office hours can be scary thing, especially for first-years who are still struggling to wrap their heads around the idea that their professors are renowned authors and pioneers in their fields. So, I thought it would be nice to discuss just how friendly Brown professors really are.

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From Albania to Zimbabwe: Thanksgiving


Hi!  I’m SeungLee Lee, a sophomore hailing from Seoul, South Korea, and I am thrilled to be writing for From Albania to Zimbabwe. I will try to share all aspects of the international experience at Brown and hopefully provide a well-rounded, honest picture of what an American college experience is really like. Stay tuned!

Hi everyone, apologies for not posting this past week. It’s been quite a month both in and out of the college campus. I hope everyone is staying strong and exercising self-care in these difficult moments. This crazy semester is slowly winding down as Thanksgiving break is approaching, which is what I wanted to talk about in this week’s post.

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Hungry As A Bear: Blue Room Sandwiches

Blue Room.ursa-feature-image

Hello! I’m Amy Winkler, a freshman concentrating in Computer Science, and I’ll be writing about two of my favorite things,  food and Brown, for Hungry as a Bear. In this column, I’ll share all of the food related advice I have for enjoying Brown’s cuisine and getting the most out of your meal plan.

The Blue Room is a delicious eatery in our student center (which is called Faunce). On a Fall or Spring day, you can grab a muffin (in flavors like Peach, French Toast, and Corn) and bask in the sun on the Main Green. Or, you can grab a coffee and sit down at one of the booths to get your work done. After 4 pm and on weekends, you can use a meal credit to get a meal that adds up to $7.30. Otherwise, you can use points, Bear Bucks, or real money.

Looking for something more substantial? The Blue Room has you covered. On some nights they serve burrito bowls, which one of my friends swears are better than Chipotle. Other nights, you can get Indian food made by Kabob and Curry, an Indian restaurant close to campus. Or, you can choose to get a sandwich, which is my favorite option.

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Music to My Ears: The Brown University Orchestra Introduces Wang Lu

FullSizeRender (2)

Hey ya’ll! I’m Vicki: class of 2019, decidedly undecided concentration-wise (but it’s between music, neuroscience, and economics), and your blogger for the Music to My Ears column. I’ll be writing all about Brown’s diverse and bustling music scene each week, so stay tuned!

Last weekend was full of music performances! The Brown Jazz Band gave an outstanding concert on Friday night, and several a capella groups performed on Saturday. And finally, the Brown University Orchestra gave its second concert of the semester!

The concert acted as an introduction to our new music department faculty member: Wang Lu. Luckily, I was able to catch up with her after the concert to feature her in this post! Continue reading

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Stage Write: Proposal Season

FullSizeRender (5)

(Pictured above: Shows that got approved by the pw board for this fall semester.)

Are you interested in theatre at Brown?  Whether you’re a veteran actor or a fresh newbie, you’ve come to the right place – Stage Write! I’m Olivia Cummings, first-year Shakespeare enthusiast (try to find the Shakespeare reference in this blog post!), techie, and budding thespian. I’ll be writing about my experiences in the various facets of theatre life at Brown this year.  

You may have heard of “cuffing season,” the time of year from late fall to early spring when people seem to settle into new relationships.  Well the rest of the world might have cuffing season, Brown theatre has proposal season!

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The Economista: Making the Most Out of Your Meal Plan

Blog 6 Header

Welcome to The Economista! My name is Andy Pham and I will be giving you weekly tips and tricks on how to budget, save money, and have inexpensive fun at Brown!

This week, I will be talking about something very near and dear to my heart: food. More specifically, how to make the most out of your meal plan. Continue reading

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