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Snapshots of Brown: These flowers are everywhere


Hello Bruin Club Blog readers! My name’s Allison García and I’m a second-year/second time Snapshots of Brown blogger. This is where you’ll find my (sometimes) sneaky and savagely HQ pics of Brown and the Providence area.

The sunshine after the storm! Yesterday was an awfully rainy day, which kind of made Reading Period a bit sadder than it should be (still p sad though). We expected flooding until this morning, but woke up to this instead!! This is the view from the Environmental House this morning , and it’s quite something. Also these flowers have been brightening up everyone’s week and they’re pretty much everywhere so that’s a plus!

Until next adventure,

-Allison García

P.S. If you know a cool place on campus that deserves the spotlight, or just want to talk about how amazing Brown is, send an email to!