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On the Brown Low: Trivia night at Three Sisters!


Welcome to On the Brown Low—a column dedicated to exploring all that the lovely city of Providence has to offer. Join me, Isabela Karibjanian, as I take you on a tour of all the hidden gems I find off College Hill!

As a Brown student, your days can often be scheduled to the minute, with everything from lunches to twenty-minute blocks for naps all planned in a color-coded google calendar. That being said, some of my favorite off-campus adventures (and my best memories at Brown so far) have happened spontaneously, without any meticulous planning. This week, I accepted an invite from an upperclassman friend on a whim to check out Three Sisters’ Trivia Night. Keep reading for more about the best ice cream around, how I ended up on a trivia team with two strangers, and how our team was robbed of victory at the last minute!

Three Sisters is a small café up Hope Street, about 15 minutes by car from Brown’s campus. They serve breakfast (but unfortunately for this breakfast lover, they stop serving at 3 pm!), lunch, and dinner, and have an extensive selection of paninis, burgers (including veggie burgers), and wraps. I was impressed by their selections and was ready to take a seat and get ready for trivia until I turned and saw their wall of ice cream flavors. Three Sisters serves the classics, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and cookies and cream, but also has some more gourmet offerings, like Kulfi (cardamom, cinnamon, and pistachios), black raspberry, coffee crunch, and green tea.

After filling up on Three Sisters’ delicious food, it was time for trivia! Two other women looking for a team joined our table, and it sort of ended up working out for us—they pulled the team when it came to questions about Will Smith movies and Disney, and we covered the rest. What was nice about Three Sisters’ trivia compared to some other trivia nights that I’ve done in the past is that the categories weren’t obscure topics and the questions themselves were challenging without being impossibly hard. After eight rounds of fiercely competitive trivia (okay, well maybe that was just me…), each team was tasked with grading another’s score sheet. This led to some confusion, and some score adjustments from the host. What we thought was going to be an hour of trivia turned into two and a half, but at least we walked away as second-place winners and a $15 gift card!

I would definitely go back to Three Sisters for their delicious homemade ice cream, but probably not for Monday night trivia. It was a very enjoyable time, but it wasn’t the smartest idea for a Monday night! I’ll never be one of the regulars the host calls out (looking at you, table in the back corner), but I’m be okay with that.

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