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Hey! I’m Kimberly Davila, a first-year from East Los Angeles, California. I’m a new writer here for The Extras (and so excited for it). I am here to inform you about all the wonderful extracurriculars available to you on campus! With more than 500 student organizations, you will find a space on campus that suits your interests. Here’s to finding that space and making it your own.

Twas’ the night before Spring Weekend tickets went on sale….So what is Spring Weekend? What’s the hype?  Spring Weekend is one of Brown’s many traditions, where one can expect concerts, a carnival, and even the E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex (proceed to google for details). Behind Spring Weekend, however, is the Brown Concert Agency. The Brown Concert Agency is “a small board of students dedicated to bringing live music to Brown University.” The Brown Concert Agency is an integral aspect of making Spring Weekend a reality. If you’re interested in music, or simply love planning events involving music, the BCA is a great way to get involved. Further, it’s exciting to know who is performing at Spring Weekend before everyone else. The BCA is also responsible for planning other events, such as Gigs on the Grass. Gigs on the Grass is a music festival featuring 15 student bands and work by student-artists, which came through the partnership of the BCA with Class Coordinating Board. The Brown Concert Agency also throws a Spring Weekend Lineup Release Party, where they present amazing videos on who will be performing. This year, Brown students are expecting Princess Nokia, Empress Of, Young Thug, What Cheer? Brigade, Cherry Glazerr, Alunageorge, and Erykah Badu for Spring Weekend. Check out the lineup here.

Stoked about experiencing Spring Weekend along with other Brown traditions? Want to help plan Spring Weekend? Email any questions to Don’t forget to check out the BCA’s Facebook page, website, and Twitter (@BrownConcert).

Always extra,

Kimberly Davila

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