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Students of Color Perspectives: Your Guide to Class Registration


Hi there! I’m Laura Muñoz, a Freshman from Miami. I’m your Students of Color Perspectives blogger and I’ll write about what it means to be a proud (First-Gen, Feminist) Cubanita here at Brown (the best school on Earth).

Hello future Brunonians! This week I’m tackling the topic of class registration, answering everything from “what is it?” to “when does it go down?” to “how should I pick what to register for?” It is a universally stressful experience for everyone because it very much feels like you’re deciding your fate but do not worry, you will be fine and everything will go more smoothly if you’re prepared and know what to expect.

In the fall of freshman year during your first week on campus you will meet with your Advisor to discuss class options and on a specific date and time you will then register for your classes (as you hope the Courses@Brown- CAB- website does not crash). During the rest of your time at Brown you will pre-register, which means you register at the end of the current semester for the classes you’d like to take the following semester. Here are a couple of myths debunked and tips for making your registration a success:

  1. Just because you pre-register for something does not mean you’re required to take it. You can always drop certain classes and sign up for others during shopping period.
  2. Make a note of the specific date and time pre-registration opens. It is usually at 8 AM so set an alarm right before to pop out of bed and sign up for your classes.
  3. Sign up for courses which are capped first. This information can be found on CAB. If you see no “maximum capacity” entry at the top of the page this means it is probably a large lecture with no enrollment limit.
  4. If you’re unable to pre-register for a capped class, do not fret, people will probably drop it during shopping period and then you can take their spot. You should also email the professor to ask to be placed on the waiting list. If you manage to get off the waitlist during shopping period they will send you an “override code” allowing you to register for it.
  5. “There’s too many classes, I don’t know how to decide what to take!”- A lot of concentrations have a fixed set of requirements you must take which can make it easier to decide what to take. If you’re considering a more flexible concentration, like History, it can feel overwhelming deciding what to take. I always take an afternoon to go through CAB, searching through the classes in my department and similar ones and making lists of what I’m interested in, noting their times and dates. In deciding what to register for I also read “The Critical Review” which has student-written reviews of classes (they’re not always available, but when they are they’re pretty helpful) and I ask older students if they have taken that class or heard anything about it.
  6. If the CAB website crashes try to remain calm. Remember, just because you didn’t get the course the first round of registration doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sign up for it during shopping period.


There you have it folks, everything you need to know about class registration! Questions? Comment below!
If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, please feel free to email me at (Seriously, do. I love talking about Brown. I’m obsessed with this place.) Gracias!