A Fresh View: Why Brown?

Hi everyone! My name is Jee Won Diane Kang and I’ll be your correspondent for A Fresh View this year. This column will chronicle some of my experiences as a freshman at Brown, and will include the highs and lows of that incredible journey.

Hello, hello, and welcome back!

As promised last week, here is quick ditty into why I chose Brown: please forgive the brevity of this post, as it’s been an unbelievably hectic week and I’m just barely keeping my head above the water. Hopefully I can get a more detailed post to you all next week!


Some of you may know that I give campus tours at Brown – it’s a really fun and rewarding experience, especially because I get to interact with so may new people and it’s always really interesting to see all the new prospective students. I was in high school not too long ago myself, so the struggle of applying to college is very close. I remember the stress and anticipation that came with waiting for decisions, and the worry and fears that accompanied the decisions that I had to make in the following weeks.


To be able to look back on those times with fondness is not really something I expected, and while I do think I will need more time in the interim before I can have such nostalgia surrounding those events, but I can definitely say that with some perspective, I have come to see that time as a really exciting time, one that really puts into view the limitless potential you as a high school senior are afforded.

It can be scary, having to make such an important decision, and as you come down to the wire in make those choices, I offer you a bit of advice: an undergraduate education and a Bachelor’s Degree is something any college or university can offer you,  so think about what it is that you want from your undergraduate education. What’s the most important to you? I can only imagine that you chose to apply to Brown for a very specific reason, even if the bulk of it was your parents nagging you to do it. And even if that was the driving impetus, there is something else that pushed you through writing the supplements and having a nerve-wracking interview. So what was it about Brown that made you stick through it all? There’s something like that for everyone, and for me, it was solidified when I had the chance to come to ADOCH and truly interact with Brown students.

When I came to visit campus, I was immediately struck by a sense of camaraderie and community between the students here, almost tangible in the way that they eagerly supported one another. I had conversations with lots of Brown students, and they were all so passionate about what they were studying and researching, but they were also equally as excited to hear about what I was interested in, a reciprocal relationship that I hadn’t really realized how much I would appreciate. And beyond the great sense of community that I felt from the other students, I also recognized that the institution itself provides so many different avenues of support for various different things – one of the best things about Brown is that the administration is invested in each of its students. I never feel like administration is too far away for me to reach if need be, and that sense of closeness is exactly what I signed up for.

Tangent: Victorious was a great show and a continued guilty pleasure

Gauging that sort of things from one visit to campus is hard, and it can be really difficult to try to make the “right” decision with deadlines looming and a bunch of really appealing schools on your plate. So relax, take a deep breath, and remember that there is no wrong choice when it comes to picking where you want to spend your undergraduate years. College is a magical experience no matter where you choose to have it, so have faith in your own skills and talents and make the most of it. Besides, it’s your decision for your life, so how could you possibly be wrong?

Also, come to Brown. You won’t regret it – I certainly don’t ❤

Anyways, that’s all from me this week folks – again, like I already said, hopefully next week I’ll have a longer post, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

This week in listening: “Hero” by Ghost Quartet. It’s from a transcendent musical experience from the album Ghost Quartet. I don’t know if they’re still performing, but if they are, try your hardest to see it live – it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments! You can reach me at jee_won_kang@brown.edu.



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