The Bear Necessities: Spring Weekend and music on campus

Hi everyone! My name is James Ford, and I’m a third-year from San Francisco, CA. From swimming to intermurals to eating healthy on College Hill, The Bear Necessities is here to give you insights on balancing work with play during your time at Brown!


Music is something I am very passionate about and something that is very present in my life. I have been playing music most of my life, and ever since I was in third-grade, I have played the drums. Music is a great connector of emotions, storytelling, and shared experiences, and that is why it will always be a big part of my life- because it helps me relate to the world that we live in. So when I heard about Spring Weekend, I knew it would be a great way to experience a different side of Brown that I do not see too often- the entire school gathering on the Main Green to celebrate our campus community with music.

Spring Weekend is a yearly three-day concert series in April that is directed by the Brown Concert Agency, one of the more than 300 student groups and clubs here on campus. There are usually two headliners, one on Friday and the other on Saturday. The concert series wraps up with a show from Dave Binder on Wriston Quad, which is often the highlight of the weekend for many Brunonians. Spring Weekend is a time of year when Brown students put aside our work, our differences, and our responsibilities and just share in the music and the positive vibes that the artists bring our way.

One of the things I am most looking forward to about Spring Weekend is the fact that it is right before finals season; music helps me relax and I know that Spring Weekend will be a great chance to spend time with friends and de-stress before exam season. I think of the concert as one of the last experiences of being with my senior friends before graduation week, which is only six weeks away! This will be my first Spring Weekend at Brown and I am more than excited about the chance to go to a concert on campus with friends and let go of the work and responsibilities that I sometimes worry too much about. It’s also a great reminder that our best memories are the ones we share with friends and the people we interact with.

Cover image credit: Meredith Bilski, Blog Daily Herald

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