The Bear Necessities: Eating Healthy at the Blue Room

Hi everyone! My name is James Ford, and I’m a third-year from San Francisco, CA. From swimming to intermurals to eating healthy on College Hill, The Bear Necessities is here to give you insights on balancing work with play during your time at Brown!


The Blue Room is undoubtedly my favorite place to grab a bite on campus. From the delicious red velvet muffins to weekly specials that range from chili to curry, the Blue Room is the place to be. Unlike the Ratty or the V-Dub, Brown’s two all-you-can-eateries, the Blue Room accepts meal points, cash, and bear bucks before 4 pm and meal swipes after 4 pm to cut down on crowd size. However, similar to Andrews, the Blue Room provides a more customizable dining experience, as students order food a la carte. Here are some of my thoughts about the Blue Room.

First off, the Blue Room is located in Faunce House at the front of the Main Green, and a wide variety of options are available at the eatery. The Blue Room’s centralized location makes it a great place to quickly grab a morning breakfast burrito or a deli sandwich before a long study session at the John Hay or the Rock. Moreover, Faunce House has some of the best group seating areas on campus from seats and booths in the Blue Room to Leung Gallery, which makes it a great place to grab a bite with friends although finding a seat can be tricky during the dinner hour. All day long, the Blue Room offers the incomparable red velvet muffin along with about nine other kinds of muffins which range from blueberry to chocolate to flavors I have never heard of. At eleven, the deli opens and offers an array of sandwiches, wraps, and salads with a wide range of meats, veggies, and toppings. Finally, the Blue Room is also home to a grab-and-go menu. Right next to the soft drink options, the eatery always has sushi rolls, vegan noodles and rice, hummus, and yogurt available for students in a rush to get somewhere.

In addition to the variety of food available there, the Blue Room is also a decidedly healthy place to eat on campus. All the coffee available is certified organic, food specials often include sides of vegetables, and the grab and go snacks outside of the chips are high in protein and low in fat. At dinnertime, the eatery offers weekly specials alongside the usual deli fare, and in the past specials have included chili, curry, sushi, and lasagna. In my opinion, the specials at the Blue Room are much more varied than those at the Ratty or V-Dub, as the two all-you-can-eat dining halls repeat the same specials more often and use the same ingredients for their special dishes as they do the fare that is always available. The vegetarian Tikka Masala gets top marks from me, and the 3-bean chili is always a great option.

I hope that my quick rundown on the Blue Room gives you food for thought about your next dining experience at Brown. The red velvet muffin awaits.

Cover image credit: William Janover, Brown Daily Herald

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