The Extras: ADOCH Community Ambassadors


Hey! I’m Kimberly Davila, a first-year from East Los Angeles, California. I’m a new writer here for The Extras (and so excited for it). I am here to inform you about all the wonderful extracurriculars available to you on campus! With more than 500 student organizations, you will find a space on campus that suits your interests. Here’s to finding that space and making it your own!

With every event that occurs on campus comes plenty of planning committees. Committees on committees on committees! With ADOCH coming up, we will soon see prefrosh walking around campus in awe and super excited to come to Brown (I mean who wouldn’t be?) ADOCH, however, takes lots of planning in order to make it as fun and amazing as possible for our future Brunonians. A super low-commitment activity with a great community is the COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR role!

As a community ambassador, one gets to help sign undergraduates up to be hosts for prospective students during ADOCH! Community ambassadors make sure to reach out to students and convince them to be hosts. This involves reaching out to people in your unit, student organizations (such as Greek organizations), and other groups. Through weekly meetings with the ADOCH committee, community ambassadors make sure prospective students have a host who will provide them somewhere to stay as well as a current student perspective. As a host, not only do you show prefrosh why you love Brown, but can be the reason why someone chooses Brown (which is always a good idea).

Being a community ambassador is a great way to get involved with ADOCH planning, while having fun doing it! At Brown there are lots of ways to get involved with committees and the planning of events! Planning events on campus is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and gain leadership skills. There are committees from those in UCS (Undergraduate Council of Students) to the Orientation Welcoming Committee! 

Interested in hosting for ADOCH? Here’s the form:

For the Class of 2021 (and beyond): we can’t wait to meet you at ADOCH and show you why Brown is a great place to call home! WELCOME TO BROWN!!! WELCOME HOME!!

Always extra,  

Kimberly Davila

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.Feel free to email these to me at or simply leave them below! I would love to share my Brown experience with you all! Have a BEARable day!





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