Second Time Around: Beautiful. Messy. Chaotic. Life.

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What is life really like as a transfer? Join me as I figure out the answer to this question! My name is Rachel Gross and this is my Second Time Around.

As I sit here and write this article, I am still astounded. The date is March 19. The temperature is about 33. Snow has just fallen the past few days and people have hinted at more later this evening. In the same breathe, they talk about their spring break plans. Excuse me? Spring break? Where’s spring? Also, we just started the semester about three weeks ago… Right? I feel it only necessary as this stream of consciousness goes to ask this: where has the semester gone?

I cannot decide if maybe the changing of the seasons is coming to play or the anticipation of a quickly approaching summer. Yet these weeks are flying by quicker than I could have imagined and much more quickly than last semester seemed to go. Truthfully, I feel as though in a state of paused suspension. I feel(elt) as though the Spring 2017 semester just began not long ago, that students are still finding the scheduling balance which everyone always struggles with in the beginning. But the person next to me wants to keep talking about spring and break. And so I reiterate- you do see the snow outside still, right?

Though I contemplatively look at others while they discuss plans for their time off, I can’t say that I am not excited. This semester has been quite a shift in various ways. Keeping up with homework, friends, cleaning, self-care, and blog posts has really stretched me to a limit in how much I can fit into a single day. I have struggled with scheduling and finding a balance amongst the mess of life. But this was meant to be messy. I am delightfully chaotic, a beautiful mess, a splendid adventure (thank you, Steve Maraboli). This was meant to keep pushing me. In the race is when I find the most beautiful moments to slow down and appreciate the surroundings. I can barely make out the waving flag at the end, yet I don’t want to… I want to divert and sway and run before I even think about the finish line.

Life absolutely goes by more speedily than we could imagine. The saying ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is so extremely important and relevant. Unfortunately, time also flies when you are neck deep in reading and essays and midterms. I sit and reminiscence on my transfer experience and assimilating to the new environment I opened myself to in September. I also sit and reminiscence on the beginning of 2017, the hopes I held for the new year and the journeys that are yet to ensue. Experiences, people, trips, memories all culminate to create this thing we call time. And time absolutely flies.

Really, the only thing we can do is hold tight, sit back, and enjoy the ride- keeping hands and feet inside at all times of course. Happy Spring Break, everyone.

Thank you so much for reading! Questions? Comments? Simple hello? Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.


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