Second Time Around: A Little Slice of Home


What is life really like as a transfer? Join me as I figure out the answer to this question! My name is Rachel Gross and this is my Second Time Around.

As a transfer student coming from a community college, I had never experienced life on my own (as much independence that comes as a result of living in a dorm and eating with a meal plan). I was born and raised in the same home that I packed up from in September. I had never gotten to travel and explore much outside of the state of Florida. Family was everything along with two of the closest friends I will ever have. I was content with my small, comfy cozy lifestyle.

But then college time and college age hit.

And then I transferred.

Moving to Providence and assimilating into the environment of a new school, a new experience, and a new life was difficult. It is also one of the most rewarding things I have accomplished to this day. I get to, essentially, act my age: living more independently and having to care for myself, scheduling my days and making appointments, working a job and somehow having time for socializing. I love being able to do this for myself, to make sure that my days are lived fully how I want them to be and being positive even when they don’t all work out. As many other people my (*our) age, I love the independence. But even with this newfound love, sometimes all we want is an extra hug from the comfort of home.

My close friend/mentor/superwoman is currently visiting me from south Florida. She picked a great time with this snow storm, right? Having her next to me as we traverse campus, finding new spots to try for dinner or brunch, sharing past memories and stories gives me a wonderful, warm feeling. I love being myself and living independently. But these past few days with her has been the refresh I didn’t quite know I was looking for over the past few weeks. I feel loved and inspired. I feel comfort and positivity. This is all because of a person from my home life being transposed into the new.

Showing my friend Providence and Brown has brought a greater sense of gratefulness and blessing. Look at what I have, what I get to experience everyday. Sometimes the monotony of life gets in the way of understanding what we truly have. Yet these moments snap up back into reality and throw us a feeling of overwhelming gratitude. I get to call Brown home. And I am so thankful for that.

I hope you all get to experience this feeling… Showing your close friends around campus and finding something new you haven’t tried yet. Getting a burst of positivity from your past and present mingling. And, of course, taking that stereotypical school picture.

Thank you so much for reading! Questions? Comments? Simple hello? Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.


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