The Extras: STEMS


Hey! I’m Kimberly Davila, a first-year from East Los Angeles, California. I’m a new writer here for The Extras (and so excited for it). I am here to inform you about all the wonderful extracurriculars available to you on campus! With more than 500 student organizations, you will find a space on campus that suits your interests. Here’s to finding that space and making it your own!

Good at math? Science? Have a passion for teaching? A great opportunity to get involved on campus is through STEMS, also known as Swearer Tutoring and Enrichment in Math and Sciences! A program for tutoring in math and science, STEMS is a program under the Swearer Center for Public Service. Students who decide to participate in STEMS are placed in a classroom at Hope High School and have the option be an in class tutor or an after school tutor.

As an in-class tutor, one would assist the teacher during their class twice a week. In-class tutoring provides STEMS tutors with the opportunity to work in small groups, which allows them to foster a close relationship with the teacher and students. Since STEMS encompasses one-on-one tutoring, Hope High School students receive homework help or simply review class material. As an after school tutor, STEMS tutors help develop students’ skills. Alanna Wolf (‘20), an after school tutor for STEMS, calls her experience with STEMS a rewarding experience. Further, Alanna says teaching students different concepts, watching them master, and apply them has made her STEMS experience especially rewarding. In this, STEMS is a great opportunity to get involved with the Providence community, while developing great teaching and tutoring skills! 

Want to get involved with STEMS? Are service, teaching, education, math, or science your thing? Check out the STEMS website for more information on how to apply.


Always extra,  

Kimberly Davila

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.Feel free to email these to me at or simply leave them below! I would love to share my Brown experience with you all! Have a BEARable day!



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