The Extras: Bonner Community Fellows


Hey! I’m Kimberly Davila, a first-year from East Los Angeles, California. I’m a new writer here for The Extras (and so excited for it). I am here to inform you about all the wonderful extracurriculars available to you on campus! With more than 500 student organizations, you will find a space on campus that suits your interests. Here’s to finding that space and making it your own!

If there is one thing that characterizes Brown students is that they’re hardworking: in and outside the classroom! Brown students are engaged, passionate, and involved on campus and beyond.  With the multitude of student organizations, there is definitely something on campus for us all. For those interested in exploring the realms of public service, there are so many opportunities off College Hill and the Swearer Center for Public Service does a great job at making these opportunities known to students! One of the programs available through the Swearer Center is the Bonner Community Fellows Program.

The Bonner Community Fellows Program is an initiative at the Swearer Center that aims to combine a student’s community involvement with their academic and career goals. Sounds great right? Well in order to achieve this, Bonner Community Fellows work with a community partner (check out the partnerships here). These partners work on various issues in five different focus areas including: Education, Healthcare, Environment, Economic Justice, and the Arts. According to the Swearer Center, the Bonner experience is structured to be developmental, multifaceted, and collaborative. With this in mind, Bonner Fellows have the opportunity to get involved with the greater Providence community while developing valuable skills.

What does the Bonner experience consist of? Bonner Community Fellows are expected to commit 8-10 hours of community service a week during the academic school year. Further, not only do Bonner Community Fellows have the amazing ability to create an effective change, but they also receive amazing benefits. These benefits include:  a stipend for the work they do (up to $2,000 per year for eligible students), a one-year Swearer Center waiver of Brown’s summer contribution requirement, mentoring, advising, leadership development, professional development, conference attendance, local, regional, and national networking, and a great community!

While the Bonner Community Fellows program is relatively new, it will continue to expand with years to come! The Bonner Community Fellows program is especially interested in recruiting students who identify as first-generation, low-income, or any student who has a record or interest in public service. With that being said, be sure to apply to become a Bonner Community Fellow if you’re interested in making a change during your time at Brown. Looking for other ways to get involved? Simply check out the Swearer Center’s website!

Sounds interesting? Ready to bring about change on and off College Hill? Check out the Bonner Community Fellow’s website or shoot them an email at for more information on how to apply!


Always extra,  

Kimberly Davila


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.Feel free to email these to me at or simply leave them below! I would love to share my Brown experience with you all! Have a BEARable day!


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