The Extras: Generation Citizen


Hey! I’m Kimberly Davila, a first-year from East Los Angeles, California. I’m a new writer here for The Extras (and so excited for it). I am here to inform you about all the wonderful extracurriculars available to you on campus! With more than 500 student organizations, you will find a space on campus that suits your interests. Here’s to finding that space and making it your own!

It doesn’t take much time for one to realize how politically engaged the Brown community truly is and, with the current political environment, one might ask themselves how to get involved. With the abundance of political activities on campus, there is easily a cause one can engage in. However, there are also opportunities to carry this passion for politics off College Hill. An organization perfect for anyone who desires to create long-lasting impact on our political process is Generation Citizen!

Generation Citizen is a non-profit organization that was created by Brown students back in 2008 (anything is possible at Brown), that now extends to New York City, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, and Oklahoma City. It’s mission is to implement an effective civic education in America’s youth. Through civic education, Generation Citizen aims at empowering young people to become active in the democratic process. This is achieved by Democracy Coaches, or college student volunteers, who are paired with a Providence public school teacher to guide an action civics curriculum. Democracy Coaches equip students with the tools necessary to become active participants in their own communities. With the help of Democracy Coaches, students choose a community issue to address and create an action plan to bring about change. Students then present their semester-long project at Civics Day, which provides students with the opportunity to showcase their work to other students, community members, and public officials. In the past, Generation Citizen has had politicians serve as keynote speakers during Civics Day. Not only does this allow students to realize their voices are heard, but it also gives them a space to celebrate their achievements.

As a Democracy Coach (who just began her Generation Citizen journey), I have found the Generation Citizen community to be one of the most welcoming on campus. Plus, the program directors are amazing! The Brown Generation Citizen chapter can be described as a cohort of individuals truly passionate about civic engagement and super devoted to improving accessibility to the political process. I have enjoyed my time thus far in the classroom and curriculum planning with my wonderful co-DC, Adam! There is no better feeling than walking into my assigned high school and knowing that my work is meaningful and can empower students. Besides, it’s great to get off College Hill and interact with the greater Providence community! Overall, Generation Citizen has allowed me to turn my concerns into meaningful action. I know prioritizing civics will drive change in the long run, and will inspire my students to get active!  Whenever I walk into the classroom, I know I am cultivating the skills in my students to go out there and impact our nation and world…and it will all have started in Providence! What’s the best way I think one can create a lasting impact? The future: our youth! I like to call it classroom activism.

Feel an urge to contribute to democracy? Want to learn how to become a Democracy Coach? Check out Generation Citizen’s website and Facebook Page. Stay engaged!


Always extra,  

Kimberly Davila


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.Feel free to email these to me at or simply leave them below! I would love to share my Brown experience with you all! Have a BEARable day!


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