Second Time Around: Hello, Fellow Procrastinators


What is life really like as a transfer? Join me as I figure out the answer to this question! My name is Rachel Gross and this is my Second Time Around.

Hello, dear readers. For those who have read my past articles and been on this journey with me from the beginning, thanks for sticking with me. For those new to my posts which exist in the smallest nook of the internet world, welcome. Let me make another (more updated) introduction: my name is Rachel Gross. I am a transfer student at Brown University. And darn, if I am not a procrastinator, I don’t know who is.

Remember the good old high school days? I do. That was a time in my life where the final bell rang for the day, and I traveled home to start homework and not stop till I finished. Those were the days when papers due two weeks from a certain date were already finished and books were already completed before the class was five chapters in. I was the farthest thing from a procrastinator. I was ahead of my work, organized to a T, and always ready to take on more. Flash forward to Thursday, February 16, 2017 and, dear audience, you will find a Rachel already behind two weeks into the semester with a to do list reaching three pages in length. Why? Why must I do this to myself and fall behind, get only enough work done for the next school day and push off the rest? This is where I get to have my introduction. My name is Rachel, and I am a procrastinator. Thank you for the support. Now let us talk about my (already working) new plan.

This past weekend found us with four full days off. Count them, four. I was reminded of this break at the beginning of last week and became so excited at the prospect of sleeping in too late, watching a recommended movie or two, and writing my blog post articles. Yet the stress of last week overcame me. I had so much to accomplish with not enough hours in the day; I stayed up late into the night to work and judged myself when I didn’t get quite enough done; I lost any routine of self-care and self-love in order to read an extra few pages of a novel for my literature class that was due to be finished by Friday. My excitement of the coming weekend was crushed under the weight of my own anxiety. So what did I decide to do right around Thursday afternoon when the tears of stress began? I was going to use this long weekend to catch up on past work, get a head start on future work, and make sure to shampoo and condition my hair too.

Friday night found me with a bright blue face mask on my face watching Grey’s Anatomy with a fellow transfer and closest friend. Self-care already in action for the weekend. Saturday morning found me meticulously writing out the work I must accomplish over the next four days on a brightly colored, fresh to do list. (PS I highly recommend making lists… of anything and everything in your life. The pure satisfaction of crossing off an item from the list is absolutely magical.) By Saturday afternoon, I had completely finished a novel and began the next on the list for one course. I had finished some as-soon-as-possible tasks which had been lurking in my mind for about two weeks. I already began to feel as if I was regaining control of my life.

Dear readers, this is not me exaggerating in order to write a persuasive essay. This is me being completely honest and open with you. Three days ago I was in tears because of stress and anxiety caused by my own procrastination. Today, as I write this, I have lost the weight on my chest which calls itself anxiety’s partner. I have been able to accomplish so much in the past two days that I feel as though I can rule the world. Now, I am not Superwoman. But I am certainly a Brown student who understands the stress of work and who understands how fundamental these breaks are to catching up.

My final message to you- do not feel self-conscious if you are a procrastinator, if you push off things in order to do others (aka sleep, Netflix, etc). Every single student has moments exactly like this. Be aware of your stress and anxiety and follow through on plans to change that. And please do take advantage of long weekends. These weren’t just meant for sleep and late night wanderings!

Thank you so much for reading! Questions? Comments? Simple hello? Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.


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