Students of Color Perspectives: Summer Options


Hi there! I’m Laura Muñoz, a Freshman from Miami. I’m your Students of Color Perspectives blogger and I’ll write about what it means to be a proud (First-Gen, Feminist) Cubanita here at Brown (the best school on Earth).

Spring semester is a great time to begin thinking about summer options. At Brown, we’re fortunate to have a wide range of opportunities- students complete internships, some go abroad, others stay on campus to conduct research with a professor, some work as Summer@Brown counselors, some get a job at home, or others take the summer to relax and reflect.

As a freshman, deciding what to do over the summer can definitely be difficult. It is important to keep in mind that at Brown having an internship every summer is the norm, and if you don’t it can seem like the end of the world, but this is definitely not the case at most schools- so don’t sweat it if you don’t land your dream internship your first summer here.

Below are some options for what to do after freshman summer, and some resources to help you accomplish your goals:

1. Relax and reflect

Freshman year of college is a time of a lot of change and growth. It’s really important to take time to reflect on your first year, how you’ve changed, what you enjoyed and didn’t enjoy, and what you’d like to accomplish or change in the years ahead. The summer is the perfect time to hang out with your friends from home, binge-watch the shows you didn’t have time for over the school year, or read books for yourself, instead of for class

2. Search for an internship using the Job and Internship Board (JIB) 

    1. Attend CareerLAB Peer Advisor Open Hours for resume and cover letter help (Daily from 1:30-3:30 PM at the CareerLAB office on Angell Street)
    2. Attend CareerLAB events and workshops- These can be found on Brown Morning Mail, the CareerLAB Facebook page ,or their website 
    3. LINK/SEW Awards are available for unpaid internships/internships under $1,000. Applications are due in March and multiple info sessions are held at the beginning of Spring semester

3. Look for a job at home

Jobs are a great option because you can gain experience in different fields and you can earn money to spend over the summer or save for the semester- a win-win.


If you find yourself in need of guidance about what to do over the summer, talk to your RPLs, Mieklejohn, or other older students and ask about what they’ve done. Stop by CareerLAB to ask a professional what some of your options are. Talk to someone at the Curricular Resource Center (CRC) to figure out what options are best for you. 

It is completely normal to be overwhelmed but know that there are endless resources available on campus that you may find helpful- don’t feel shy about using them!

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, please feel free to email me at (Seriously, do. I love talking about Brown. I’m obsessed with this place.) Gracias!   


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