Second Time Around: Walking in a Winter Wonderland


What is life really like as a transfer? Join me as I figure out the answer to this question! My name is Rachel Grossand this is my Second Time Around.

As a reiteration of my background, I transferred from a community college in my hometown also known as Vero Beach, Florida. Yes, Florida. I called this place my home for 21 years of my life, only ever leaving the state once before for a total of four days. For years, I had experienced heat, beach, sand, tourists, and more heat. I had never seen snow nor really lived in colder weather than the occasional Florida winter eve at 50 degrees. Packing my bags and moving to Rhode Island was not only a huge leap in my educational life. It was a momentous leap in my personal life, one in which I had to attempt to assimilate to a new city, new school, new people, and, importantly, new weather. Prospective transfers, this article is not meant to scare you away. This article is meant to explain that I am still alive and still kicking and loving every second and every snowflake. But we can certainly talk about how I fared in my first blizzard about a week ago.

Take a moment to close your eyes and picture this: a Floridian girl walking in brand new snow boots which she has just put on for the first time. A long sleeved shirt is covered by two sweaters and a thick puffer jacket (belting the sweaters makes it look less snowman-ish, so there’s a tip). The wind is so harsh that this girl is being pelted with snow at a horizontal angle. Scarf and mittens are soaked with melted snow, and she has to stop in her tracks every few feet to face away from the wind in order to breathe. No one else walks past. No footsteps mare the beautifully white laden world. This girl is worried she may not make it to the cafeteria to meet her friend. Welcome to my first experience of snow. Could you guess it was me?

I safely made it across campus to meet my friend where we both burst into laughter at the state of my appearance. My hair was dripping wet and nose bright red. She could only look at me between tears of laughter and ask how my first blizzard was coming along. My response is not repeatable to this blog post. From one transfer to anyone who has never experienced snow, I have to be honest. Was it hard to walk in? Yes. Did it hurt when I totally busted my hand falling on ice? Definitely. Was it cold beyond belief? Of course. Was it worth it? Every single second. For all of its dangers and “beware” warning signs, a snow covered world is a thing of utter beauty and amazement. Even with the wind, I found a certain quietness and calmness while society hid away behind warm heaters and blankets. The unmarred paths presented a kind of graceful walkway to a world unknown behind thickly falling snow. The cold meant coziness aplenty in sweaters galore while hot soups and stews and coffee could be enjoyed with a certain gusto as one sits at the window and watches snow settle softly to the ground.

Do I understand how people who have experienced snow for years of their life find a dreariness and monotony to it? Of course as this is how I feel when it comes to beaches and sand aplenty. But does this Florida girl feel at home in a world covered by a soft, white snow? Completely. Now come join me.

Thank you so much for reading! Questions? Comments? Simple hello? Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.


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