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Student Highlight: Kiyomasa Kuwana ’19


Hi there! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your correspondent for Student Highlight this year, a column dedicated to highlighting the scholars who attend this institution. While I’ve deduced that there’s no ‘typical’ Brown student, I hope to share a small glimpse into the wonderful and diverse individuals of this community.

Name: Kiyomasa Kuwana

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Concentration: History and Education Studies

What classes are you taking this semester? History of Intercollegiate Athletics (EDUC 0850), Independent Study (EDUC 1970), Modern Japan (HIST 1150), Korean (KREA 0200)

Favorite class thus far? History of American School Reform (EDUC 1200). The material was really interesting, and the class exposed me to a different side of history that isn’t necessarily taught at the secondary school level. It’s a crucial body of knowledge with which to be equipped, especially now in the United States. The professor was demanding and the class was definitely heavy on reading, but those characteristics pushed me to be the best student I could be. You don’t get an A just for showing up!

What do you do on or off campus? I’m part of the Japanese Cultural Association and I tutor with BRYTE. My tutee is a high school student from Burma who came to the United States 2 years ago. He didn’t speak a word of English when he arrived in the country, but his conversational English is coming along nicely! It’s really eye-opening, especially because Brown’s location on the hill tends to separate it from the Providence community; this experience bridges that divide through civic engagement. He made me a bowl of ramen during our very first meeting, and it’s rewarding to see his progress, perseverance, and persistence.

Favorite place/ study spot? My room or the Underground. I like that the latter gives off a chill, coffee-shop vibe.

Favorite Brown memory or experience? Snow days are real! I went to boarding school and didn’t have them ever so that’s exciting. Generally speaking, I’ve really enjoyed meeting a diverse group of people throughout my undergraduate career thus far. A lot of people from my high school that I know are at Brown so I always knew coming in that I’d have that community, but being involved in extracurricular activities has been a good way to broaden my social circle.

Why Brown? When I tell people who don’t go here what I study, they’re always surprised to hear that Brown offers an Education Studies concentration, so that’s cool! I thought I’d be studying Molecular Biology when I first entered, and the flexibility that I’ve had in pivoting my academic course and trying a bunch of new things through the Open Curriculum has been crucial to my academic development.

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