Brown Threads: Brrrrrruno

You can read about Brown’s open curriculum online any day, but not necessarily see for yourself the stylin’ trends Brown students are rocking on College Hill. My name is Marie Lachance, and I’m super excited to be a blogger for Brown Threads, which will feature all the incredible fashion Brown has to offer! I am a first year hoping to study social enterprise, and outside of blogging I love swimming, aesthetically pleasing cafés, good music, and dark chocolate. 
Hey there (hopefully) future Brunonians- wherever you may be dwelling at the moment, if you want to come to Brown it’s important you make note of the weather over here… it certainly isn’t still sunny and 70. So here are my tips to bundle up in style for the full-blown winter ahead!

Here are my winter essentials, everything you’ll need to survive the snow and cold (while not looking like an eskimo):

  1. Carhartt hats: although your dad may wear them… (actually this one is my dads!) I’m absolutely obsessed with these hats. They’re cute, versatile, warm, and literally come in almost every single color to match every look! Bring on the #CarharttMovement
  2. GIANT parkas: ’nuff said… this one is a given for the blustery winter ahead… mine is an all black puffer parka from JCrew outlet- I got it a couple of years ago on sale from $299 to $90… talk about a good deal. Although parkas can be pretty expensive, you can get some good deals, and either way they are a great investment.
  3. Circle scarfs (or really scarfs of any kind…): You can get these almost anywhere for super cheap (or if you’re the artsy type, you can knit them yourself!) and they go with almost any outfit! They make you feel cozy all day long and are basically just a glorified blanket that you get to wear… if that doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will.
  4. Bean Boots: If you’re from the East Coast, then you’ll know what a necessity these are… I’m not wearing these in this particular photo, which is shocking because I think I wear them every other moment in my life. Other boots will do… but not quite like Bean Boots 🙂

Hopefully if you follow this guide, you will rock the winter season (while staying warm!)

See you next week with more fashion inspiration from our stylin’ Brunonians! As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions about life at Brown at

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