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Blogside Manner: I’m going to Kenya.


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I’m going to Kenya.

So I have been waiting a while to write about this, but this has been one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve been afforded at Brown. I’m going to Kenya this summer!

I mentioned in an earlier blog post in the Blogside Manner series that I am in a club called Globemed, and I also briefly mentioned that one of the opportunities that Globemed provides is a summer internship with, U-Tena, Brown Globemed’s partner organization in Kenya. What I didn’t mention is that I will actually be one of the 5 students going on the trip this year! I am the GROW coordinator for this year, the member of the Globemed E-board who organizes the GROW summer internship trip. This is a really exciting opportunity for me, both being on the Globemed E-board and having the opportunity to do transatlantic travel to intern for a nonprofit organization in Kenya.

This opportunity will not only be a strong premed opportunity that will bolster my medical school application, but it will also give me the opportunity to engage with social work in a context that I have never experienced before. Even if I do not end up deciding to go to medical school, the GROW internship will still be an incredible experience and something that I will never forget.

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