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Blogside Manner: Catching FIRE


Hi friends! I’m Samuel Cai, and I’m the blogger for Blogside Manner and Office Hour. For Blogside Manner, I discuss what it’s like to be a Pre-med student at the best university in the world!

This could have been titled Help? Pt. 3. The amount of help Brown provides to premed students is truly amazing! This time, I’ll be delving into a matter very important to many premed students: money.

This week, I went to the FIRE fair. FIRE stands for Fellowships, Internships and Research Experiences. This fair provided a lot of opportunities for internships and research, but the area I focused on was fellowships and other scholarship opportunities. I am planning to go to Kenya this summer (exciting!!!), but I wanted some help while funding this opportunity (transatlantic travel is not budget friendly). The scholarship I was interested in is funded through the Watson Institute of International Affairs, but there are a number of different scholarships available to you, no matter your year or interest. The opportunities can be Brown sponsored (like the one by the Watson Institute), Brown supported (requires Brown nomination), or non-Brown affiliated opportunities.

Although I didn’t go to the booths for research or internships, I wanted to briefly mention the plethora of opportunities available in these fields as well. Brown put together a 20+ page packet of information summarizing the fair, and the opportunities are all around: the Leadership Alliance, Nakatani RIES, and the National Science foundation. To sum it all up, Brown has everything. You just have to go look for it. Happy hunting!

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