On the Brown Low: Eastside Marketplace


Welcome to On the Brown Low—a column dedicated to exploring all that the lovely city of Providence has to offer. Join me, Isabela Karibjanian, as I take you on a tour of all the hidden gems I find off College Hill!

Though there are so many dining options on campus and on Thayer Street, sometimes you’ll want to cook something on your own. Whether you’re off meal plan or just want to spend a night with friends cooking pasta together, there’s no better place to get ingredients than Eastside Marketplace. Read more after the jump to find out about the best grocery store near Brown!

Eastside Marketplace is a veritable treasure trove of fresh food, local ingredients, and reasonable prices. Eastside has all of your grocery store standbys, like sauces, baking ingredients, and frozen foods that always be found at CVS or Eastside Minimart. But it’s so much more than a place to pick up cleaning supplies and deli meat. At the center of the extensive fresh produce section is a giant display of every cheese imaginable, complete with crackers and party platters. Keep walking and you’ll find that the store also has a well-stocked food court, with such dishes as pre-prepared pizzas, pastas, meat, and sides. This is right next to the bakery, which has a vast array of breads, pastries, and other mouth-watering desserts. Eastside offers an array of seafood, meats, and organic products, so if there’s anything food-related that you need while at Brown, chances are, you’ll be able to find it here.


What makes Eastside stand out for me as a grocery store other than the variety and quality of its products is the service. Employees are very friendly, offering coupons and reminding you of ways you can save. There are a number of free sample stations throughout the store offering such things as cider tastings, samples of salmon dishes, and more. One of my favorite things about this store is that it really is a community marketplace. There is only one Eastside Marketplace, and that shows with its quality. Eastside also often hosts workshops on everything from making appetizers to creating the perfect cheese platter. They’re a great way to engage with others from the area and take a break from your other classes. Plus, who doesn’t love channeling their inner Food Network star? The best part is that most of them are free—you just have to register ahead of time!

While there is also a Whole Foods near campus, for a distinct Providence grocery store experience, go to Eastside. It’s about a 20-minute walk from the Main Green and around nine minutes away by taking RIPTA, which stops right outside the store.

Whether you need to get supplies for a birthday party, you decide to go off meal plan and need a place to grab your essentials, or are just looking for a fun cooking adventure with some friends, Eastside Marketplace is definitely the place to go.

Is there something in Providence that you want to see covered here? Have any suggestions for my next adventure? Send me an email (isabela_karibjanian@brown.edu) to let me know!


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