Student Highlight: Julia Choi ’19


Hi there! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your correspondent for Student Highlight this year, a column dedicated to highlighting the scholars who attend this institution. While I’ve deduced that there’s no ‘typical’ Brown student, I hope to share a small glimpse into the wonderful and diverse individuals of this community.

Name: Julia Choi

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Concentration: Education Studies

What classes are you taking this semester? Introduction to Human Development and Education (EDUC 0800), History of American Education (EDUC 1020), Gender and Genre in Medieval Celtic Literatures (ENGL 0310G), Computers and Music (MUSC 0200).

Favorite class thus far? History of American Education! It’s fascinating to use education as a lens to analyze politics, religious movements, philosophical debates—you name it. This class has also allowed me to hone in on my writing and speaking skills.

What do you do on or off campus? I tutor local elementary kids in reading and writing, play clarinet in the Brown University Orchestra and serve on the board, head the Brown Pen Pals club, write for The Brown Daily Herald, and practice Aikido. I’m also a research assistant for a project that observes cross-cultural differences in first graders’ beliefs about learning and gender. If you ever catch me off campus, I’m probably searching for the nearest Asian restaurant.

Favorite place/ study spot? My room! Or the John Hay, for being air-conditioned and having comfy chairs.

Favorite Brown memory or experience? Last semester, I performed in a chamber ensemble for my friend’s senior thesis project, which was a composition based on 8-bit and video game music. Collaborating with these musicians over a two-month span was one of the most musically and personally rewarding experiences I’ve had so far at Brown.

Why Brown? The culture here is unbelievably supportive and uncompetitive. Everyone wants to help each other, and at the same time, everyone is doing different things. You can flourish not only in your academic and extracurricular achievements but also as a unique and individual person.

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