Brown Threads: The Never-ending Halloweekend

You can read about Brown’s open curriculum online any day, but not necessarily see for yourself the stylin’ trends Brown students are rocking on College Hill. My name is Marie Lachance, and I’m super excited to be a blogger for Brown Threads, which will feature all the incredible fashion Brown has to offer! I am a first year hoping to study social enterprise, and outside of blogging I love swimming, aesthetically pleasing cafés, good music, and dark chocolate. 

The infamous Halloweekend continues… and I’m here to give you advice on cheap, simple, but cute outfits! Especially now that it’s getting cold outside, finding a look that will keep you warm is a bit of a trick. Hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration…

The look: Classic School Girls

So if you actually went to a school that required you to wear a uniform, I guess it’s time to break out your plaid skirt and button down and attempt to see them in a positive light now… Hard to believe you are going to voluntarily wear it now that you finally don’t have to, but it’s perfect for the look! Unfortunately I didn’t wear a uniform, but any simple A-line skirt should do.

Top: white button down from Forever21- if you don’t have one yourself, ask a guy friend, he may be able to spot you for the night. I tied it at the bottom and rolled up the sleeves to make it a bit less formal.

Bottom: A line button up skirt from Urban Outfitters- literally any A line will do, but this simple one is super versatile and fits the look while also being cute for everyday looks.

Shoes: knee high black socks with simple black booties- the shoes don’t exactly fit the vibe perfectly but they work well to make you a little taller and the socks actually will keep you warm!

Hope this helps inspire you for future halloweening activities.

See you next week with more fashion inspiration from our stylin’ Brunonians! As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions about life at Brown at



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