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Blogside Manner: Help? Pt. 2


Hi friends! I’m Samuel Cai, and I’m the blogger for Blogside Manner and Office Hour. For Blogside Manner, I discuss what it’s like to be a Pre-med student at the best university in the world!

I feel like talking about the incredible amounts of support Brown offers could be my blog topic for the entire year, but for now I’ll just focus on another resource available to pre-med students: Academic Support Services.

Academic Support Services provides many services including academic workshops, academic support group, and individual academic coaching. This past week, I attended one of their academic workshops on STEM research opportunities (pizza was provided, so there was really no reason not to go).

Research is an integral part to a solid medical school application, and it can be overwhelming to start looking for opportunities, particularly as a first year student. The workshop was great in that it gave a number of different resources available to you, both Brown specific and general, that provide research opportunities. These opportunities ranged from national science organizations, such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, to more Brown specific resources, such as UTRA grants or the I-Team faculty program.

The seminar also provided a general timeline of when to begin and finish research program applications, and provided a sign up sheet to join a mailing list to receive related information as well as an opportunity to sign up for individual coaching on the matter.

Many parts of the pre-med process can be confusing, difficult, or taxing. What’s amazing about Brown is that Brown understands this, and they are there to streamline the process for their students in whatever way they can. Academic Support Services are yet another way they make the premed process bearable (pun intended) for Brunonians.

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