The Question: What are parties like at Brown?


Hi! I’m Nicole Fleming, and I’m a blogger for The Question. I’m here to share my answers to some common questions about Brown to show you why Brown is the best university on Earth!

It’s the question that everyone wants to ask on college tours and information sessions, but also the one that everyone is afraid to, especially under the watchful eyes of parents and admissions officers. What are parties/weekends/social events like at Brown? Since this is a question that definitely weighed on me as a prospective student, but one which I never built up the guts to ask, I’m going to answer it now – even though this question is a bit more complicated than it may appear. (Plus, since we just made it through Halloweekend, this is a topic on a lot of college students’ minds.)

The short answer: In terms of social life, Brown has something for everyone. If you’re looking to dance the night away with your friends, Providence has plenty of nightclubs and it’s easy to find friends who want to go to campus parties, which are often hosted by fraternities, theme houses, sports teams – or just in a friend’s dorm. However, if parties aren’t your thing, there’s no need to worry. Brown is by no means a “party school.” There are lots of other events occurring on campus on weekends, such as student group performances and occasional movie screenings. There are also tons of things to do off campus, such as going to the mall, eating out, or going to one of Providence’s movie theaters. And don’t forget how nice it can be just to chill with friends in your dorm, microwave popcorn, and have Netflix marathons.

My best advice on tackling Brown’s social scene is this: go with your gut. In other words, do what you actually want to do. Since Brown has such a diverse student body containing lots of different attitudes toward drugs, alcohol, and partying, there is little unified peer pressure. And if you do feel peer pressure, there’s no reason to fall for it – it’s easy to find friends who aren’t into whatever it is that worries you. You have the ability and independence to go out – or not.

In short, Brown certainly isn’t the kind of party school depicted on TV shows or in movies. However, this definitely doesn’t mean it’s “no fun.” There are plenty of ways to have fun and make friends outside of class – no matter what kind of person you are.

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