Snapshots of Brown- Haunted Happenings on Campus

Hello Bruin Club Blog readers! My name’s Allison García and I’m a second-year/second time Snapshots at Brown blogger. This is where you’ll find my (sometimes) sneaky and savagely HQ pics of Brown and the Providence area.

Happy Halloween, everyone!
What better subject for Snapshots of Brown than Brown’s very own…. HAUNTED BUILDINGS!??
The famous Providence ghost tour makes two stops on Brown’s campus, both of which I have pictured in all their autumn midday glory.

The first is the Annmary Brown memorial, which was built for Annmary Brown herself, a direct descendant of the University’s namesake! Her and her husband are both buried there and left a collection of civil war artifacts and art! Check it out…if you dare. (I’ve gone in actually. Pretty spooky but worth it. It’s so cool!)

University Hall on a beautiful fall day. #aesthetic

The next building is the Main Green’s University Hall. Probably the most photographed building on Campus (you’ve seen it in all the brochures), it’s also the oldest serving building on our Providence campus (Brown used to be elsewhere in Rhode Island). It was a hospital during the Revolutionary War, and Providence ghost tour claims you can see the face of a solider if you look carefully at the second floor at night. #realcreepy.

Anyway. don’t want to keep you up at night, so I’ll leave it at that.

Best of luck with your tricks and treats tonight!
Until next adventure,

P.S. If you know a cool place on campus that deserves the spotlight, or just want to talk about how amazing Brown is, send an email to!




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