Brown Threads: Getting Spooky (well, kinda…)

You can read about Brown’s open curriculum online any day, but not necessarily see for yourself the stylin’ trends Brown students are rocking on College Hill. My name is Marie Lachance, and I’m super excited to be a blogger for Brown Threads, which will feature all the incredible fashion Brown has to offer! I am a first year hoping to study social enterprise, and outside of blogging I love swimming, aesthetically pleasing cafés, good music, and dark chocolate. 

Ah, Halloweekend, college kids favorite holiday where you can pretend to be anything you want (except maybe a studious library dweller…). While some students use this glorious holiday to channel their inner creativity, some look for the easy way out, and simply throw on a hat or paint some whiskers on. Whatever is your style, it’s all about having a good time with your friends (and maybe candy as well!)

Just as a small sample of the endless costume possibilities, here are some of my pictures from this weekend (and for full disclosure, we tended to go on the #basic side, not so creative…)

#1) Hippie/ Peacock


#2) Kim Possible, Pirate, Hippie (#2…)

IMG_2614-2 8.JPG

#3) Sailor & Easy A


No matter if you are basic creative, spooky or cute, have a fun Halloweekend!

See you next week with more fashion inspiration from our stylin’ Brunonians! As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions about life at Brown at


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