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Blogside Manner: Help?


Hi friends! I’m Samuel Cai, and I’m the blogger for Blogside Manner and Office Hour. For Blogside Manner, I discuss what it’s like to be a Pre-med student at the best university in the world!

Being Premed can be a lot to take on. Sometimes we all need a little help along the way. Luckily Brown’s Premed advising team is here to help.

The Preprofessional advising office is one of the coziest places to go on campus; I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit it. At Brown, there is no shortage of advisors. On one trip, I went to go see the peer pre-health advisor as well as a faculty pre-health advisor. Both of these were useful in their own right, as the student was able to provide very informal advice and was able to relate to the tumultuous situation I am currently in. She was very friendly and open to sharing her experience, and she could understand the questions and problems I had, because she was in the same position herself only 3 years ago.

Shortly afterward, I went to visit the faculty pre-health advisor. While the peer advisor was incredibly helpful, there were gaps in her knowledge about the very specific details of being a premed student that didn’t necessarily apply to her, and that’s where the faculty pre-health advisor comes in. I went with her about questions about math credentials, studying abroad, and the technicalities of taking or not taking a gap year when applying to medical school. Again, she was incredibly warm and welcoming, and knew the answers to all my questions and was always ready to help.

I love free food. I love cozy, tranquil spaces. And I love getting help when I don’t know what I’m doing in the topsy turvy world that is being a pre-med student. The pre-professional advising office has it all.

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