Second Time Around: Oh Yes, I Live at Perkins


What is life really like as a transfer? Join me as I figure out the answer to this question! My name is Rachel Gross and this is my Second Time Around.

Dorm life can be a very scary and intimidating situation. Transferring from a community college where dorms did not exist, I couldn’t help the influx of nerves when I thought about community living. Not having my own room to shut the door and be on my own? Sharing a bathroom with a bunch of individuals? Walking up and down flights of steps every single day? Good luck, Rachel. I explicitly remember the moment I received the email from ResLife, stating which dorm I would be calling home and which student I would be calling roomie for the next year. I had hoped for a single just to have the sense of my own space but knew it was almost impossible to get as a transfer. So I pushed aside the anxious feelings and began to embrace such a college lifestyle. Perkins Hall, here I come!

Perkins: Home to sophomore and transfer students. Known for housing individuals who will end up married later in life. Despised for being so far from the rest of campus. As a dorm, Perkins doesn’t have the best reviews, especially for its location on the edge of school grounds. I did extensive research into the building after I received my housing email. Things were not looking too great for me at this point. Students had labeled it as old, not functional, and uncomfortable. However, the summer before myself and a large group of transfers moved in, Perkins had undergone major renovations. Rooms had new flooring, furniture, heating systems, and refreshed kitchens. Not bad, right? That was my thought. I could do this, live with a roommate, and make the trek back and forth from the dorm. I was determined.

I’m here to tell you that living as a transfer at Perkins is not as bad as some make it out to be. The community aspect especially makes it all worth it. I will forever and always tell of how my floor mates will causally stop in the hallway and make conversation simply because they want to say hello. The rooms are pretty nicely sized and extremely functional, and the full and refurbished kitchens are the best! Yes, I have to say that it is a walk and a half to get to most places (except Jos which is perfect for late night dinners), but I have quickly gotten used to long walks as my main form of exercise every day. There are pros and cons to living at Perkins just as at any dorm on campus. But I think the pro of being in such a great community of people makes the cons pale in comparison.

Housing a majority of the transfers, you can receive a sense of comfort knowing you are surrounded by those in the same boat as you. Need some help registering for classes? Uncertain about the process of concentrating? Knock on the door next to you, and they will be in the same boat with you. Perkins makes me feel as though I am never alone in figuring out what it means to be a Brown student and what it means to successfully assimilate in the transfer process. Who knew that community living could do all of this for me? And it will for you to, prospective transfer student. I hope you are put in Perkins to understand this awesome feeling. And just maybe you’ll find your future partner too.

Thank you so much for reading! Questions? Comments? Simple hello? Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below


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