Dorms Declassified: Dorm Decorating (Halloween Edition)


My dear friends and sorority sisters (Olivia Kozel and Natalie Correa)’s Halloween door decorations. 

Hello! My name is Alejandra (Ali) Gatas Johnson and I am your Dorms Declassified: Brown Survival Guide blogger.  Living in a dorm with a roommate was one of the things that I was most excited but also nervous about for college. This blog is to help ease the concern and provide insight on residential life at Brown.

Growing up I had a phase where I only wanted to wear my super cute Tinker Bell costume everyday, everywhere. I loved my costume and wanted to be sparkly all of the time. Thankfully my wonderful, understanding mom let me and for that I am extremely grateful. But now, as a 19 year old college student, it is no longer socially acceptable to wear costumes on a regular basis. Halloween is the time of year that I have a legitimate excuse to dress up.

I love Halloween for the costumes and spooky spirit of it all. I love to dress myself up in costumes, so of course I love to dress my dorm room up too. As soon as October came, the decorations started going up. At home, my family decorates for the holidays (from big holidays like Christmas down to little holidays like Mother’s Day and even seasonal stuff like summer decorations). Your dorm is your home away from home. You need to make it feel homey in whatever way you can. For me that is decorations.

You can decorate both in the dorm room itself as well as the door. Personally, I decorate the inside of my dorm room minimally because I have a lot of stuff, but I do have some Halloween touches. I have some pumpkins, witch decals, and some other knick-knacks. IMG_4120-1.jpg

I have some fake pumpkins, because I like to reuse my decorations multiple years. If you are more of a real pumpkin person, go for it! Near campus you can find pumpkins at the East Side Market grocery store and Whole Foods. Even more convenient, you can buy pumpkins at the pop up farmers markets that happen every Wednesday September-the beginning of November. Plus you can support local farmers!!!

Getting string lights is a great way to add some Halloween spirit to your room, especially if they are orange or purple colored! Just grab some command hooks and bam Halloween decor galore!!!

I like to draw and procrastinate on my school work by doodling. Consequently, I always decorate the white board that is on the outside of my door for the holidays. Every dorm room should have a small white erase board on the door to write messages and what not. Below are some of my white board drawings for Halloween.


For those of you that are less artistically inclined, you can decorate your door entrance with a wreath, stick on halloween decals, a mat, or really anything your halloween heart wants. Below is an example of my friend and next door neighbor (Maya Lennon)’s door and my friends’ (Olivia Kozel and Natalie Correa) very festive dorm entrance.



Happy Halloween!!!

If you have comments or questions about this column or anything related to Brown, please email me at 


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