Brown (or black…) Threads: Themed Parties

You can read about Brown’s open curriculum online any day, but not necessarily see for yourself the stylin’ trends Brown students are rocking on College Hill. My name is Marie Lachance, and I’m super excited to be a blogger for Brown Threads, which will feature all the incredible fashion Brown has to offer! I am a first year hoping to study social enterprise, and outside of blogging I love swimming, aesthetically pleasing cafés, good music, and dark chocolate. 

While Brown is certainly known for being a rigorous academic institution, Brown students certainly know how to de-stress and have a good time as well. In my short time here, I have been to several themed parties requiring me to get a bit created with my wardrobe… This past weekend the theme was all black- read more to see what people were wearing!

Luckily, this theme was relatively easy to pull together, especially considering I wear a lot of black to begin with. Also, an amazing part about living with your fellow classmates is you can often share clothes with your friends. As you can tell from the pic, the weather is getting a little chillier here, which requires you to put a little more effort into making sure you won’t freeze outside! My outfit (middle left) consisted of….

Choker! Which I have never rocked before but found strangely empowering… they’re trending right now so I felt a little #basic, but they’re definitely fun to rock.

Top: from Urban Outfitters- honestly I (and my friends….) wear this way too much, because it is so versatile.

Bottom: skirt (borrowed from a generous and stylish friend) from Top Shop, with a super cute scalloped detailing at the bottom.

(not pictured) but shoes… speaking of basic, your classic college student converse. But they’re popular for a reason… you definitely need comfort if you’re going out, and don’t want your nice shoes to get dirty!

See you next week with more fashion inspiration from our stylin’ Brunonians! As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions about life at Brown at 


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