Snapshots at Brown- Courtesy of VISA 100

Hello Bruin Club Blog readers! My name’s Allison García and I’m a second-year/second time Snapshots at Brown blogger. This is where you’ll find my (sometimes) sneaky and savagely HQ pics of Brown and the Providence area.

One of the most popular introduction courses at Brown is VISA 100- Studio Foundation. It’s the gateway to other art classes not only here at Brown, but also at the Rhode Island School of Design, our neighbor down the hill! This week in VISA, we were told to walk around campus and find beauty in our very own University, through its various architectural styles.Luckily, it was a sunny autumn day  in Providence and the lighting was perfect for these snapshots.

Bruno and Salomon looking as majestic as ever on the Main Green.

My favorites are of Rhode Island Hall (peek the gate at the bottom #goclassof1861) and the Granoff Center, one of the newest building on Brown’s campus (also pretty state of the art. Pun low-key intended seeing as it is one of the Creative Arts buildings).

Tested and Approved: The Granoff is one of the coolest places to chill when the sun is out and the Providence wind isn’t trying to blow you away.

Until the next adventure!

-Allison García 

P.S. If you know a cool place on campus that deserves the spotlight, or just want to talk about how amazing Brown is, send an email to!


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