Office Hour: Barraging the Professor

Hi there! I’m Samuel Cai, and I’m blogger for Office Hour and Blogside Manner. For Office Hour, I visit professors at the best university in the world and talk to them about their jobs here at Brown!

This week, I talked to Professor Lint Barrage, a professor within the Environmental studies and Economics departments here. She is also my fantastic microeconomics professor! 

Research:  Professor Barrage’s research incorporates both environmental studies and macroeconomics. Her interests lie in analyzing the macroeconomic impacts of environmental actions (public policy, natural disasters, etc.), a nuanced field of study that combines two disciplines that are not usually associated with each other.

Teaching: Professor Barrage teaches Econ 1110 Intermediate Microeconomics as well as ENVS/Econ 1350 Environmental Economics and Policy. She enjoys teaching here because it allows her to explore her two most enthusiastic passions, economics and environmental studies simultaneously, and she particularly appreciates how engaged and bright Brown students are. (Thank you Professor!)

Fun fact: Professor Barrage’s first language isn’t English! She is originally from Switzerland and emigrated to the US as a teenager. We’re very lucky to have you here Professor Barrage!

Have a professor you’d like to see covered on Office Hour? Send me an email at!


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