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Blogside Manner: Taking an Arrow to the Knee(s and Hands)


Hi friends! I’m Samuel Cai, and I’m blogger for Blogside Manner and Office Hour. For Blogside Manner, I discuss what it’s like to be a Pre-med student at the best university in the world!

I’m a first year student here, and while I’m on the pre-med track, I’m not sure if I will stay or pursue one of the many other great career paths here at Brown. Here’s where I found my motivation to stay.

There are so many career paths available to me as a Brown student. Do I want to be premed and become a physician? Or do I want to become an economics concentrator and work in investment banking? Or what if I decide to pursue an international relations concentration and go into diplomacy? (These are all still very real options for me)

But my Chem 0330 midterm is creeping up soon and with it comes the natural midterm breakdown and existential crisis, and I was wondering why I even wanted to pursue pre-med. Brown is absolutely one of the best schools in the nation to pursue premed as an undergraduate, but even here pursuing medicine is a long and difficult road to go down.

Mid-crisis, my very clumsy friend (she knows it as well) came into my room very panicked herself. She had cut her hands and knees while going on a run, and for a hemophobiac like her, the amount of blood pouring from her wounds was truly distressing. I took her to CVS and we bought some large bandaids, and then I set out to cleanse her wounds and apply the bandaids for her.

Afterwards, she thanked me profusely for helping her. But I want to thank her too. That chemistry midterm is still looming, but I remembered why I wanted to pursue medicine in the first place. Cleaning someone’s wounds, helping them when they feel panicked and scared, providing them with support when they are most in need of it, that’s why I have always wanted to become a doctor.

So thanks Alyssa, for providing the inspiration for this blog post and to continue down the premed track. To the readers, I know you were expecting to read something more informative and Brown centric. But I thought this was something important to share for anyone thinking about why they want to be premed. And I’ll be informative and Brown centric next week, I promise.

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