The Question: What is Brown…and what is “The Question”?


Hi! I’m Nicole Fleming, and I’m blogger for The Question. I’m here to share my answers to some common questions about Brown and show you why Brown is the best university on Earth!

Brown University. A private, Ivy League research university in Providence, Rhode Island. Well, at least that’s what a basic Google search says. Even though this may be the most succinct description of Brown in existence, that sentence doesn’t cover it all. Every student here would agree that Brown is so much more. So, I’m here to tell you what Brown is really about and show you why blogs like “The Question” are a great way to learn more!

First off, yes, Brown is a small Ivy League university. We’re at that perfect size of about 6,200 undergraduates – not so big that you’re lost in the crowd, but big enough that there are always events happening on campus and new people to meet. During my time here, I have been shocked that, even though Brown has a relatively small student body, the diversity of students is huge. We have students from across the globe with lots of different interests. I have friends from Sri Lanka to Romania and with interests from orchestra to pole dancing. However, and possibly most importantly, everyone I’ve met has shared the same values of education and friendship, making this diverse community also one that is a connected community.

Next, we are located in Providence, Rhode Island. Never been to Rhode Island? I hadn’t either until I started school here. Honestly, I have been very impressed. Providence is a fun town packed with restaurants, parks, and shops. It’s easily walkable. My friends and I love to walk to restaurants near the campus and check out local festivals and farmers’ markets. Plus there’s always my personal favorite: the giant Providence Place mall, located just a short walk or bus ride away. There are also lots of ways to connect with members of the Providence community on a more personal level. For instance, I volunteer once a week at a local public middle school. And always remember that if Providence starts to feel small, Boston is a quick train ride away.

So there’s your basic definition of Brown, unpacked. But obviously there is so much more to this university – a lot that can’t be gained from Wikipedia. What are the students actually like? Food – yay or nay? Housing? Activities? Campus atmosphere? And so much more. That’s where I come in. Throughout the year, I will be answering all of these deceiving complex questions in this blog. And (hopefully) I will help you make sense of what Brown really is. Stay tuned!

If you have questions about anything related to Brown, I would love to help! Please email me at


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