Student Highlight: The Last Stretch


Hey guys! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your correspondent for Student Highlight this year, a column dedicated to highlighting the scholars who attend this institution. While I’ve deduced that there’s no ‘typical’ Brown student, I hope to share a small glimpse into the wonderful and diverse individuals of this community.

Instead of using my last post to feature another student, I’m instead going to reflect upon junior year to tie it all together.

But oh my goodness.

I absolutely cannot believe that this year is coming to a close. Where did the time go? I’m lingering in a strange place where I’m ready to put a period to the semester but also in denial that after the summer I will be entering my 4th and final year of college. If you thought 4 years of high school went by quickly, just wait…

Academically speaking, junior year was wonderful. Having declared a concentration the year before, I finally started delving deeper into course material rather than just dipping my toes in the water like I previously had. Through that, I learned more things about myself this year than any other year and could not be more excited for summer having had all of these personally nurturing experiences.

But junior year was also tough, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect it to be. I chose to write for Student Highlight this year because it’s a very social column; you sit down, grab lunch/tea/coffee as you’re interviewing someone, and spend time getting to know them as you write a post, because who doesn’t like having nice things said about them? This semester, 2 out of my 3 closest friends were abroad in places where the time zone/lack of Internet did not make it conducive for regular conversation. I knew this at the beginning of fall semester, and that meant I needed to do something to make sure my social life was still as fulfilling in the spring.

Student Highlight allowed me to get to know so many new people for the first time or get to know people I already knew better. If I met someone cool, I always asked at the end of our conversation if I could interview them at a later time for this column; most said yes. It seems counterintuitive to say that blogging expanded my social circle, but it did! I’m so excited for my 2 friends to be back senior year, but I’m also really excited to see what next year’s Student Highlight will bring. More coffee and lunch opps for sure!

By the end of freshmen year, many students have formed close friend groups/their go-to friends. And I regrettably say that openness to branching out socially and years in college tend to form an inverse relationship. But in a place where you’re given only 4 years around a community of students who are just as driven, intelligent, motivated, and insightful as you are but also so incredibly different in their backgrounds, passions, and interests, that relationship should be the opposite; linear, if not exponential. When are you ever going to have this opportunity again? What are you waiting for?

Know someone who should be featured or want to get in touch with a highlighted student? Send me an email at!


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