Students of Color Perspectives: The PreFrosh Have Landed


Hello! My name is Alejandra (Ali) Gatas Johnson and I will be one of your first-year bloggers for Students of Color Perspectives. I blog about what it means to be of mixed heritage (Afro-Venezuelan, American Swedish, and Warao Indian) and what it means to be a student of color in general here at Brown!

Prefrosh have landed! Welcome Class of 2020!

On Tuesday, Brown greeted a record number of 915 admitted students to its campus for A Day on College Hill (ADOCH), the University’s welcome event for students admitted through regular decision. ADOCH’s three days of events allow admitted students to attend classes, stay in campus dorms and learn about student organizations on campus.The influx of prefrosh gave me a wave of nostalgia, reliving the novelty of the campus and all it had to offer. 

During orientation at the beginning of the semester only the new first-year class moves in and is on campus. I remember feeling like I was in a sea of diversity. Forty-five percent of my class identified as a student of color. I basked in being surrounded by so much variety.

Then when the upperclassmen arrived, I instantly noticed a whitening. The diversity I was beginning to become accustomed to was lessened. Of course, there was still more diversity than I was used to back at home in Colorado, but far less than when it was just the freshman class. Every incoming class has been more diverse than the last.

When the admissions decisions for the Class of 2020 were released, my breath caught. Forty-seven percent of the members of this year’s admitted class identify as students of color! It is so ridiculously amazing! Brown is changing!

This past week, I have been able to see the new blood for myself. Every prefrosh I met was so excited about being a part of the Brunonian community. I hosted an admitted student and on the last night we talked about what she had experienced. One of the first things she mentioned was that she was amazed by the diversity and student of color pride that Brown has! The incoming class has so much potential and so much energy and excitement.

I am excited to see what the new class brings. Welcome to the fam, 2020!

If you have any questions or comments about this post or about being a student of color in general, please hit me up at


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