Music to My Ears: The Bear Bones


Hey ya’ll! I’m Vicki: class of 2019, decidedly undecided concentration-wise (but it’s between music and economics), and your blogger for the Music to My Ears column. I’ll be writing all about Brown’s diverse and bustling music scene each week, so stay tuned!

Hey future Brunonians! Brown is bustling with life again after our much needed spring break, and after a bizarre snowstorm a few days ago, it’s now sunny and warm. The campus is blooming! It’s gorgeous!

For this post, I’ll be featuring a quirky group of musicians on campus known as the Bear Bones. As in, the resident trombone a capella group. Yup, that’s a thing.

It’s just like any other a capella group. Members write their own pieces, or compose arrangements of well-known tunes like AWOLNATION’s ‘Sail’ or Toto’s Africa. They’ve also covered medleys of the Tarzan soundtrack and the throwback songs of the Backstreet Boys. After rehearsing, the Bones usually perform a work at an arch sing with other a capella groups and record it as a final project.

The group is dedicated to music – and they really are serious musicians – but they’re also goofy, inclusive, and informal.

Now for the fun part! I’m an organization called Reel Features (we make videos featuring Brown student organizations for free!), and I recently made a video for the Bones! It’s a music video for their rendition of the Game of Thrones theme song, complete with an mesmerizing kidnapping plot and an epic trombone battle to boot. Watch it here – it’s hilarious. Game of Bones, anyone?

Finally, check out their Facebook page here.

Questions, comments, or concerns? I want to hear ’em. Seriously! Shoot me an email at


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