Music to My Ears: Spring Weekend!

IMG_2753Hey ya’ll! I’m Vicki: class of 2019, ethnomusicology and applied-math economics double concentrator, and your blogger for the Music to My Ears column. I’ll be writing all about Brown’s diverse and bustling music scene each week, so stay tuned!

Each year, Brunonians look forward to the legendary Spring Weekend, or, as my friend so eloquently put it, “the one weekend in which Brown can pretend it’s fratty”.

Readers, that weekend was this weekend.

Spring Weekend is, essentially, two days of music concerts in which Brown brings some pretty big-name artists to perform. The extended Spring Weekend is an entire week of activities for students to participate in, and an entire year of hype.

There’s the Spring Carnival on the Thursday before the weekend, in which student dance groups took to the Faunce patio to perform, the masses chowed down on cotton candy and popcorn, and pop-up roller coasters populated the Main Green. There was even an electric bull! I, for one, lost epically in a two player game with that stretchy string around your waist (someone has to know what I’m talking about).

Friday night was the first concert, which included Funknevil, Tink and FETTY WAP. Brown was very much #rettyforfetty. Brown was also #readyforbfast, because Brown’s traditional Breakfast at Midnight (because free eggs, waffles, and sausages at midnight are all a college student needs to die happy) was a blast!

The Saturday afternoon concert had a very different vibe – chill, happy, and quirky. Brunonians thanked their lucky stars that the sun and warm weather came in clutch. Performing artists included What Cheer? Brigade (a punk rock brass band), Thundercat (amazing jazz-ish? bassist), Tinashe (the gurl who gifted us the jam ‘All Hands On Deck’), and my personal favorite, Mac DeMarco (Beatles-esque, ironic, and chill). Students alternated between dancing in front of the stage and lounging on picnic blankets in the back. There was definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

On Sunday afternoon, as per Brown tradition, our good bud Binder showed up and played on the Ruth Simmons Quad for a few hours of feel-good pop oldies. My personal favorite part of Spring Weekend, the Quiet Green overflows with picnic blankets, sunglasses, and students showing off their most middle school fist pumping dance moves. Another plus: this concert is completely free.

And what about Sunday night, you ask? Well, readers, Sunday night we do homework (yay procrastination!). Wish us luck in our sleep-deprived transition back to the real world. Until next time!

Questions, comments, or concerns? I want to hear ’em. Seriously! Shoot me an email at


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