Brown Threads: Gala 2016 – Wonderland


Interested in the latest trends on the Brown college campus? Curious as to how one keeps their outfits on fleek up in the temperamental Providence weather? Don’t understand fashion at all and want a place to start? Welcome to Brown Threads – the only place to get the inside scoop on fashion at Brown! My name is Abby Espiritu, and I’m here to help you learn all about all looking chic and fabulous on campus.

Upon the ending of the final chords of “Shut Up and Dance With Me” as the final song at my senior prom last year, I assumed that event would mark the last time I’d have the opportunity to put on a pretty dress, get my hair done, spend an hour on my makeup, and feel like a princess with all my school peers. However, for those of you who crave primping and priming and dressing up, Brown University Class Board has got you covered with their annual Gala.

Gala is an event, held mid-March, where all undergraduates are invited to dress up, dance in a fancy ballroom, and basically relive their high school prom! (Except people are less awkward when dancing…) This year’s gala theme was “Wonderland.” The event was held at Rhodes at the Pawtucket, which was transformed into a magical and mystical place.

Though the event is classified as a “black-tie affair,” finding for the perfect dress or renting the perfect suit is a little less stressful than prom shopping. Attendees are encouraged to dress in whatever formal attire they desire – from ball gowns to cocktail dresses. In all, there’s no strict dress code.


*Photos taken from the official Brown University Class Board Facebook page*

While my high school prom was defined by how perfect my dress looked and whether or not I could snag a date in time, Brown University’s Gala is ultimately a great opportunity to dance and hang out with your best friends. Plus, there’s great food and even greater music. Why not dance the night away in your best clothes?

Not sure what clothes pack for your next visit up to Providence? Interested in a particular style trend? Just love fashion and Brown University and want to chat? Feel free to email me at with any of your questions and concerns. Hope to see you all at Brown very soon!


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