The Question: I got into Brown! Now what?


Welcome to The Question, where you’ll get answers about life at Brown all year long! I’m Celina Stewart, and I’ll be bringing you insights (and photos!) into my fourth year at Brown and my answers to some of the questions I wish I’d asked before college. 

Its that time of year- admissions decisions are released in just over a week, Thursday, March 31! So, as a preemptive post (since we’ll be on Spring Break when those admissions decisions go live): Congrats to all those new Brown Bears out there! For those of you on a waitlist or who didn’t get in- don’t worry. I was waitlisted at 13/19 schools I applied to; you can and will get off wait lists, and the schools that accepted you are always great choices. Worst case, you can transfer! This post is for all of you who got into Brown and are now questioning if you seriously want to come- after all, how do you decide which school you want permanently part of your intellectual and professional identity?

Most schools, including Brown, have a visiting period to woo you with everything they have to offer. At Brown, this is called ADOCH, or A Day on College Hill. You’ll be matched with a current Brown student and stay with them and their roommates in their room, and often do daily activities with them like visiting the dining halls. Of course, there is specific programming for you – a cappella performances, professor discussions, career lab presentations on job opportunities and research at Brown, tours, meetings with specific groups like orchestra or chorus, and more! This is a great way, if you’re able to travel here, to get to know campus and get a feel for a couple days of living in Providence. Usually the weather is good, so that’s a bonus too (if you actually attend Brown, you’ll learn that Providence is not known for its good weather).

If you can’t make it to ADOCH, you could just visit Providence on your own. Usually sitting on the Main Green and walking on Thayer Street (visit the Bookstore!) will give you an idea of what Brown students look like and how we talk (you’re sure to overhear something interesting!). If you’re driving through New England visiting other schools in Connecticut or in Boston and are on Brown’s waitlist or considering matriculating, its worth it to come and see what our little New England city is all about.

Now, I know that not every is able to travel and visit the schools or cities where they are considering spending the next four years. If that’s your case, check out all of Brown’s material online! We have a free virtual tour, plenty of information about student life on this blog, and photos on the Twitter as well (check my sign off for that info). As always, you can also send an email to Ask a Brown Student!

Want more photos and FAQ updates? Check out @thebruinclub on Twitter! Have questions or comments for me? Want more details?  Send an email to and I’ll get back ASAP!


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