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Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

Welcome to The Economista! My name is Andy Pham and I will be giving you weekly tips and tricks on how to budget, save money, and have inexpensive fun at Brown!

Hello! This week I will be talking some more about free resources offered here at Brown. The last time I did, I discussed things like the Academic Center (this post was titled “The Economista – On Campus Resources and Support”) .

Granoff Center for the Creative Arts 

One of Brown’s newer buildings, there are always cool art exhibits on display here. A lot of TAPS (Theater Arts & Performance Studies) are also held in here.

One thing that lot of people don’t know about Granoff is that you can check out various media equipment from here. This includes cameras, tri-pods, and more. There is also a green screen set up somewhere in here as well. My American Studies class group will be taking advantage of these resources when we prepare to film our final film project.

Sex Supplies

Brown students are generally ones that put safety and health first – whether this be in terms of substances or mental health. This is also true for sex. It is not hard to find free sex supplies on this campus. Typically, these resources will have a selection of sex supplies including…

  • Condoms (lubed, non-lubed, latex-free, and flavored)
  • Lube (water-based and non-water based)
  • Internal Condoms
  • Dental Dams (in various flavors)

Now, here are a list of places that you can get these resources!

  • RPL (Residential Peer Leader) Doors (although, not all RPL’s consistently restock)
  • 1st Floor Bathroom of BCSC
  • Health Services
  • The Queer Resource Center
  • Ship n Shag (a mail service that you can do online to get supplies mailed to you, a somewhat inconvenient option if you’re in a pinch but it’s free and fantastic!)

FLIP Library

Standing for “First-Gen Low-Income Partnership”, this new instillation allows students that identify as First-Gen and/or Low-Income to have a free way of getting textbooks for the semester. The process of getting the books is the exact same as a library where you check out books (for a certain period of time, typically a semester).

This library can be found in the Rock (the John D. Rockefeller Library). A lot of the books in the collection are from donations and other sources. The collection will definitely build over time, but what they have now is incredibly helpful for students who may not be able to pay much for textbooks.

The RISD Nature Lab

This nature lab is a little down the hill, but worth every step. They have a wide collection of animals and specimens, including live animals such as snakes. You can look at coral, skeletal structures, plants, butterflies, rocks and minerals, and so much more. This is great if you need a physical model to look at for art homework or if you just want to look around. You can even check out certain specimens and take them out of the lab back to your dorm!

These are just some new resources that I learned of and I will continue posting more as I discover them myself!

Thank you for reading, and until next time!


I am open to any and all ideas, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have! If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments you can e-mail me at . Thanks!



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