Snapshots of Brown: List Art Building

Hello Bruin Club Blog readers! My name’s Allison García and I’m the new first-year Snapshots at Brown blogger. This is where you’ll find my (sometimes) sneaky and savagely HQ pics of Brown and the Providence area.

Though the outside of the List Art building is reminiscent of the same brutalist architecture that brought you the Sci-LI, the List redeems itself inside.

Where first years take profile pictures to look artsy. #guilty

Located directly behind the John Hay Library, the building is home to Brown’s Visual Art department, and for the month -an exhibit on dead animals and taxidermy. Providence isn’t the creative capital for no reason!

I think these pictures speak for themselves..and are probably worth more than a thousand words.
You know you’re in art paradise, when organic chemistry looks pretty.
This was low-key scary, but still incredibly impressive. #3dartgoalz

Makes you want to finesse your way into a VISA 100 class doesn’t it?

-Allison García

P.S If you know a cool place on campus that deserves the spotlight, or just want to talk about how amazing Brown is, send an email to !


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