Brown Threads: The Clothing Swap by EcoReps


Interested in the latest trends on the Brown college campus? Curious as to how one keeps their outfits on fleek up in the temperamental Providence weather? Don’t understand fashion at all and want a place to start? Welcome to Brown Threads – the only place to get the inside scoop on fashion at Brown! My name is Abby Espiritu, and I’m here to help you learn all about all looking chic and fabulous on campus.

March is a notoriously busy time of the month for all students. Between midterms, rehearsals, practices, and endless amounts of homework, how can one expect to buy new clothes for the upcoming spring break? For those of us who are desperate for some new clothes, but have no money to spare and no time to go off campus, the Brown EcoReps have created a solution that is not only stylish and frugal, but sustainable and eco-friendly.

The Clothing Swap is an event held by the Brown EcoReps about once a semester. Taken from their official Facebook page description, the Brown EcoReps “serve as informed ambassadors who work with their peers to create a culture of environmentally responsible behavior.”

The event, held this semester at the J. Walter Wilson building last Friday, March 11, was an all-day affair. From 10am-4pm, students could bring in their gently used articles of clothing and swap them for other cute styles and items on display. For every piece of clothing brought, students could take home one new item. In addition to racks of cute clothes, hot cocoa and fun music were provided, making the event a fun study break for any stressed student.

Below are some pictures from The Clothing Swap:

IMG_7831IMG_7837IMG_7839FullSizeRender 185

Not sure what clothes pack for your next visit up to Providence? Interested in a particular style trend? Just love fashion and Brown University and want to chat? Feel free to email me at with any of your questions and concerns. Hope to see you all at Brown very soon!


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