Second Time Around: …And Now We Wait


“She doesn’t even go here!” Join me as I transition to life at Brown, and learn more about our fantastic campus through the ramblings of a recent transfer student. I’m Veronica Fletcher, a junior concentrating in Psychology & Hispanic Studies, and this is my Second Time Around.

If you’re reading this: Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it through the search for schools and the transfer application (including the essay). You’ve submitted your transcripts, registrar reports, and test scores. Your recommendations have been written. Everything’s been signed, postmarked, and double-checked for spelling errors… and all there’s left to do now is wait. In theory, this should be the easiest part of the application process, but in many ways it can feel like the most agonizing.

Most transfer decisions get sent out in early- to mid-May. Unfortunately, there’s no way to make the next two months pass any faster, but here’s a list of things to do in the meantime:

1. Treat yo self.
635817649829792907781187489_dxo2btnYou took on this extremely stressful endeavor, and made it out alive! That’s reason enough to celebrate. Take yourself out to a nice dinner (somewhere other than the dining hall). Binge-watch a new Netflix series. Splurge on some cool new highlighters. Do something to make yourself feel like the superstar you are.

2. Branch out.
Some people are apprehensive about getting more involved in their community right before transferring. I say it’s the perfect way to try something new, without any long-term commitment. It’s okay to be “selfish” at this point. Not everything has to be about making new friends or feeling more connected to your school – your motivation can be as simple as keeping yourself sane during the wait. I joined a student-choreographed dance group after realizing I needed something to alleviate the stress, and it was the best decision I made all year (besides transferring, obviously). So go out there, find an activity you love, and figure out how to get involved.

3. Tell people. Or not.
If you haven’t yet, this is a good time to figure out your ‘game plan’ – have you talked to anybody at your current school about transferring? The whole world doesn’t necessarily need to know about your transfer plans, but many people find it’s helpful to tell their roommates or close friends. Maybe you want to wait until you hear back from schools. Maybe you don’t want to tell anybody at all. Everybody approaches this process differently, and all of the above are completely legitimate options.

4. Keep those grades up, baby.
Without trying to sound too preachy, I honestly can’t stress this point enough. Schools do care about your second semester grades, and it is possible to have your admission rescinded if there’s a massive drop in your GPA. This is not the time to let everything go – you’ve made a commitment, and now you’ve got to see it through.

Thanks for reading! If you have thoughts or questions about this blog post, or any other aspect of the transfer experience, please feel free to email me at, or leave a comment in the box below!


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