From Albania to Zimbabwe: Foreign Languages at Brown

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Hi!  I’m SeungLee Lee, a sophomore hailing from Seoul, South Korea, and I am thrilled to be writing for From Albania to Zimbabwe. I will try to share all aspects of the international experience at Brown and hopefully provide a well-rounded, honest picture of what an American college experience is really like. Stay tuned!

Hey there! Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.

I have officially found out this week that I will be able to go study abroad in Beijing this summer through the Princeton in Beijing program! Given that I have never been to China, the fact that I will be studying there for eight weeks while being fully immersed in Chinese is super exciting. Though it is a bit scary to imagine the workload, hence its nickname “Prison in Beijing” due to its intensity, I am incredibly excited for the summer already.

Although I did learn Chinese a little bit before, it was not until I came to Brown that I decided to pick up a new language. I’ve always been curious and eager to learn a new language, and Brown really does have a wonderful language program. I truly believe language opens new doors in one’s understanding of the world – that’s what I love about it. It teaches you how to think differently and discover different parts of yourself – I react and think differently while I am speaking in Korean than while I am speaking English.

Language to me is also the most seamless way learn the history behind a culture. I personally love the dose of mini lessons on Chinese culture both in and out of class, from the weekly Chinese tea time to Chinese culture week to the Chinese music and calligraphy that our teachers introduce to us. I think this drives home the point that learning a new language, despite the translators and apps, connects people from different backgrounds in ways alternative technology cannot.




Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Send me an email at and I will get back to you!






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