Stage Write: 5 Tips for College Auditions!


(i.e. how not to make directors do that ^^^)

Are you interested in theatre at Brown? Whether you’re a veteran actor or a fresh newbie, you’ve come to the right place – Stage Write! I’m Olivia Cummings, first-year Shakespeare enthusiast, techie, and budding thespian. I’ll be writing about my experiences in the various facets of theatre life at Brown this year.

Did the title of this article give you a little anxiety?  Want to know what college auditions are like?  Then you’ve come to write article!  Read on to see what college theater auditions are like at Brown.

This week I had the privilege of being the audition monitor for the April pw show.  If those words didn’t mean anything to you, I pretty much just sat outside of auditions with my computer and had people fill out a form before sending them to the lion’s pit to meet with the director and assistant director to audition.  It was interesting to watch people deal with their stress before the audition.  It was also great to be on the other side of the audition/auditioner dynamic as a member of the production team.  But since you came to this article looking for advice about auditions, I guess I should actually give you some!  Read below to get some of my two cents on the subject.

  1. Read the play/piece beforehand.  While you may not have time to do this for every audition or if you decide to audition on a whim, it’s always good to know what the context of the show is.  If you’re auditioning with sides (mini monologues they will give you at the audition), this is even more important.  If you have your own monologue prepared, read the piece that it originally came from.  The more you know the better, you know?know
  2. You have the right to be nervous.  Tatiana Maslany, who is actual fire, has said, “Auditions are not a natural environment, and you feel judged, even though everyone is just excited to find the right person.”  Auditions are incredibly interesting environments, and I’m sure someone has dedicated their life to the academic study of them, but they’re undeniably stressful.  You don’t have to ignore that.maslany
  3. Be confident!  This is one of those really annoying points if you hear it all the time, but confidence is really fun to watch.  Fake it ’til you make it!
  4. Be you.  Now this almost past Mozzarella on the cheesy scale but auditions are really your chance to show the directors what you can bring to their show.  If you don’t get cast, almost 9/10 it’s not a personal attack on you but that their own artistic vision was going in a different direction. 1/10 they’re just jerks, so just #twirlonyourhaters.     yonce
  5. On that note, keep auditioning!  No one gets cast in every show.  Neither will you, but if you keep trying, you will get cast eventually! You can also always try the non-acting roles (i.e stage managing, tech, or even directing), which are obviously 10X better (I may be a little bias here).
  6. I’ll toss in a #6, for which I just give you this adorable GIF of Blue Ivy and friends…which it kinda what I think all you prefrosh look like.  When it comes to auditions and everything else, take Yoncé’s advice and keep slaying!
    cuteAs a potential Immunobiology and/or Public Health concentrator who is pre-med (PLME), I’ll approach theatre as someone who is doing it as a (very time-intensive) hobby. If you have any questions for me or would like to be connected with someone who is looking to pursue theatre after college, email me at olivia_cummings@brown.eduLooking forward to seeing you all at Brown soon!

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