Snapshots at Brown: (Slightly) Off-campus Adventure

Roger admiring his work

Hello Bruin Club Blog readers! My name’s Allison García and I’m the new first-year Snapshots at Brown blogger. This is where you’ll find my (sometimes) sneaky and savagely HQ pics of Brown and the Providence area.

As a native Floridian (shoutout to the 305), I felt perfectly at home today in Providence.  After a confusing winter, we can finally see a drastic change in weather this long weekend. It’s almost 50 degrees and sunny, with minimal wind, which means it was the perfect day to take a slight right off the Pembroke campus and head down to Prospect Terrace Park.

This is a favorite spot of mine, since it is beautiful no matter the weather. Snow or shine, the view of Providence is spectacular, and you always have great company: that fierce statue of Roger Williams! What more can you possibly want??

A lost relic or just a symbol of the park’s quirky spirit?

If my boy Roger isn’t enough for you, Prospect Park seems to be one of the more eccentric places in Providence. I’ve seen everything from glow-ring twirlers with purple hair to inventive wedding photographers inhabit this site. It was also a personal favorite of Providence native H.P Lovecraft (according to my trusty source: Wikipedia). 

To Providence, bad angles don’t exist.

So come through when you can and pay homage to that glorious view of Providence!

-Allison García

P.S If you know a cool place on campus that deserves the spotlight, or just want to talk about how amazing Brown is, send an email to !


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